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Zong Ning: Betta live difference breakthrough "live +" strategy – Sohu technology full flowering of the first half of 2016, the fire industry is live, the second half of 2016, the fire is a live upgrade. A rapid development of the industry, is full of a variety of uncertainties and opportunities, and this one of the top of the first exploration, but also for the industry has a very good point. The leader of the game live Betta live a successful transition to the integrated broadcast platform will become remarkable, live a successful model of the leading industry. Hundred broadcast war upgrade the battlefield is a phenomenon of a class of products, a large number of industry participants, showing a hundred broadcast war situation. In the fierce competition, there are many platforms and is the most outstanding talent shows itself, the fish, and it is a professional game broadcast as the starting point, gathered a large number of fans at the same time, also established a solid barrier, in the live track leading to many peers. But there are still very Betta leading consciousness and innovative thinking, and did not meet their success in the vertical field, but quickly started the pan entertainment strategic layout, the knockout stage in the broadcast industry first to complete the magnificent turn, the vision and action, is very commendable. Now the betta live is a comprehensive platform, and other integrated platform is not the same, the fish in the idea more clearly, first proposed the "live +", "+ happy" strategy, based on the broadcast nature, has a good exploration and output in many areas, a variety of game and tourism, public service, finance, technology, automotive, outdoor, electricity etc.. For example, to where the network launched the "99 energy-saving season", combined with Yu Minhong power network learning section 99, live Vanke shareholders’ meeting, Cadillac direct press conference live, Chengdu auto show etc.. "Live +" strategy of the fruits of that fish like real around the user in the content, the user’s platform has been recognized, also make the platform from the original game broadcast industry cooperation deep development to. "The difference between live +" to deepen the platform advantage Betta the biggest difference is not set a boundary for yourself. For example, do the show live, or do the game live, or live entertainment, these different segments in the field, the usual location is often broadcast industry segmentation approach. But confined to a certain field, may also limit the future development of the platform space. Based on the needs of users to provide a more rich content, it is broadcast platform to increase user stickiness. This requires a higher altitude, it is possible to go beyond the current positioning. So they put forward the "live +" and "+" strategy, this kind of "supply side" reform ideas clearly to Betta has brought a broader opportunities for cross-border cooperation, to create a more diverse consumer scene. For example, in the field of Arts, and the Ma Dong team since the betta jointly produced the whole network the first live variety show "dinner temptations" live 12 period, the cumulative popularity peak of about sixty million. The betta live nation’s first file network cooperate with the launch of Dragon TV reality show "2049 life" Pearl three days online watch.相关的主题文章: