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Zhejiang 19 year old guy was killed. 2 were buried 16 year olds – Sohu (October 9th) news surging news from Zhejiang Ningbo police that, in October 2nd, together with the abnormal death cases occurred in Ningbo County of Ninghai, causing one death, the local police are investigating the case. According to the local "modern gold news" reported that a man claiming to be the victim of the relatives of the newspaper readers scored hotline claimed that the victim is the The Strip Ninghai County town of Xi Ao Cun Chen, male, 19 years old, the time for the October 2nd around 10 p.m.. According to him, the murderer with woven bag body, buried in the two kilometers of the woods. The police will dig out the woven bag, found the body had been dismembered. According to the "modern gold news" reported, according to who broke the news to say, the assailant was two to 16 years old, in the early morning of the second day to the local police station to surrender. It is reported that two people in the vicinity of the village, and the victim is a friend. Subsequently, the report from the Ninghai police confirmed that 2 The Strip Zhen Xi Ao Cun indeed murder occurred, the case is still under investigation, to disclose the relevant details.相关的主题文章: