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Zhangzhou sophomore debts owed millions of non-performing loan frequent run away the campus network in Colleges and universities to carry out propaganda against the police, "bad campus net loan" sophomore small music for the "campus loan agency and Gregory by private business, debts owed millions and run away. Zhangzhou’s campus net loan problem caused the attention of many departments. The latest progress, Zhangzhou city comprehensive management office will lead the remediation unhealthy campus net loan "phenomenon. After last week, Zhangzhou City Bureau of education and other departments special meeting to study countermeasures, Zhangzhou City Education Bureau official said, according to the Zhangzhou campus net loan chaos, education bureau this week will report the city leaders. At present, the city leaders have made instructions, by the comprehensive management office of schools and the surrounding security comprehensive management work leading group office, remediation unhealthy campus net loan "phenomenon. In October 13th this year, the China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued 14 ministries P2P network lending risk remediation work implementation plan, focusing on remediation of the campus loan market, the implementation of the classification of the campus loan platform regulation. On the one hand to suspend the campus net loan business suspected of violent collection, usury and other illegal institutions at the same time, support and encourage with control ability of management technology and wind compliance platform specification management. However, the bad campus net loan as a national problem, the relevant departments of Zhangzhou next work is not easy. In the Herald reporter for the "campus net loan" coverage, many departments have expressed specific difficulties for the remediation work, there are still many problems need to solve. Under the new situation, I hope that Zhangzhou can be based on the special circumstances of Zhangzhou, the introduction of effective remediation measures to eliminate the impact of non-performing loans on the campus of Zhangzhou university. Four problems need to crack the campus Department banned journalists from some colleges and universities in Zhangzhou to understand that in fact before Yue debts owed millions of universities have already run away, for "bad campus net loan" to carry out prevention work. For example, through the campus network monitoring, to prevent students involved in abnormal net loan behavior. Mobile phone installed a App, the use of mobile communication networks can also be achieved borrowing." A person in charge of the University said that now the way students access to the Internet, there is no comprehensive prevention and control of student borrowing channels. "Is strictly prohibited to carry out activities on the campus net loan!" For the network bandwidth platform landing behavior in the campus, although some of the firm’s attitude, but in fact still lack of practical and effective way. It is understood that in Zhangzhou there is no clear rules of which school for students engaged in net loan platform on campus agency activities and provide corresponding basis for punishment. Remote platform to prevent the impact of bad network lending platform for college students, whether it can do some work on the supervision and control of the network lending platform? Zhangzhou’s financial regulators said that their approach is limited, because most of the network lending platform is a foreign enterprise, Zhangzhou’s financial regulatory authorities have no corresponding permissions. In fact, before this, Zhangzhou’s financial regulators have also done a lot of work to prevent the work of non-performing loans,.相关的主题文章: