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"Yuteki Tenmoku tea" $11 million 703 thousand record – Beijing, New York Asian Art Week is underway. After concern is undoubtedly Christie’s "rhyme heaven — Lin Yu Da collection (two)" and "beauty hidden in the Metropolitan Museum of China — China", on September 15th local time to close the hammer. Among them, building "yuteki Tenmoku tea" for $11 million 703 thousand (equivalent to approximately RMB 78 million 70 thousand yuan) turnover, refresh the world auction record for it; and the Metropolitan Museum of porcelain does not appear in the popular imagination, the art market senior consultant Liang Xiaoxin bluntly, this part of China was moderate and sensible, "no surprise last year, the special kind of warm seems an Siyuan gone". JINGWAH Times reporter Yi Xiaoyan "yuteki Tenmoku" $11 million 703 thousand "Lin Yu Da treasure (two)" concert presents a total of 28 items, but did not take the first fire of the kiln "yuteki Tenmoku tea", Jun, Ding, Cizhouyao, Longquan, Yue were present across five generations to share. In the early Ming Dynasty, with meaningful elegant porcelain. It is understood that this collection of collectors spent more than 20 years and for each auction, all sources have threads. The auction site competing for the most intense is "yuteki Tenmoku tea", is the industry that is the "best one auction calendar year built, before and after it is difficult to have". To the valuation of 1 million 500 thousand to $2 million 500 thousand on the film, after more than and 20 minutes of bidding, the final hammer to $10 million 300 thousand, plus commissions totaling $11 million 703 thousand (equivalent to approximately RMB 78 million 70 thousand yuan), you refresh the world auction record, the previous record holder for May 2011 at Sotheby’s in London at 1 million 105 thousand and 200 pounds (about RMB 11 million 750 thousand) of a transaction beacon. The Song Dynasty kiln black glaze tea? With a bright colorful oil drop lines are highly praised on like a starry night, is considered to be the collection of jack. This is due to its appearance, technology innovation, can be attributed to its rich tea culture connotation, built in the Song Dynasty is the royal tea and literati tea treasures, often for literati Yake praising objects. Today, oil droplets handed down only a dozen pieces of good, almost all built in Japan, the high prices of the "yuteki Tenmoku tea" in early 1935 was included in the Japanese important art record is particularly rare. According to industry sources, the tea into a Chinese Tibet hand. The Metropolitan Museum of porcelain control performance since August this year, announced the launch of "hidden in Christie’s beauty — the Metropolitan Museum of Chinese porcelain" concert, will lead to a hot industry. The auction of more than 501 pieces of standard, covering the porcelains of Ming and Qing Dynasty blue and white porcelain, and Kangxi, Yong Zheng and Qianlong period of the local and export porcelain etc.. The quality of this part of the auction, in Liang Xiaoxin’s view, if purely from the Ming and Qing porcelain market and collection current level, the overall quality and level of the "auction" beauty hidden there ". Special, only belong to the middle. In addition to the 6 Kangxi, a few pieces of dried cowpea red Yong Guan and a couple of big small.相关的主题文章: