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UnCategorized Business networking can actually be fun! You can meet some really terrific, creative people, who will not only become business contacts, but your friends. Have you noticed how people claim to have hundreds of friends- BUT they are all on "social media"? No wonder so many people are feeling cut-off and lonely. When you really think about it, it makes perfect sense that someone with Asperger’s Syndrome (Mark Zuckerberger) would have developed the perfect way to network without having to use social skills! Networking does necessitate using communication skills. Do you know the most important skill in networking? It’s listening! So many people are so nervous about what they are going to say, that they forget to listen! You forget the person’s name in the first 10 seconds, and even their business description seems to fly out of your memory. That’s because you are not listening. You are have a private conversation inside your head, instead of paying attention to the speaker. So here’s my first tip for you. Pay ATTENTION to the speaker. You can do this by repeating the person’s name immediately. It’s much better to make a mistake in a person’s name when you are first meeting them than after you’ve been talking to them for 5 minutes. Remembering and using (not OVER using) a person’s name shows respect – especially if you have a hard name to remember (like mine: Lianda!!) Just repeating the person’s name immediately can help set it into your memory. Study their face, and try to find something that makes them stand out (funny or disgusting works the best): But you DON’T have to share your private memory device with them!! You can also keep in your mind that this person may be worth a million dollars for you: that’s real motivation to remember their name. Of course, you are not really thinking about the money they are worth because that’s mercenary and insincere, and in most cases that person will "feel" your insincerity. As a heart-centered or conscious business person, your thoughts are about what service you can deliver: how you can help them. It’s almost a paradox; in thinking about how you can help others, you are helping yourself. Another good way of networking, is not to exchange business cards immediately. Ask a person about their business; how did they decide to do this kind of work; do they enjoy it; what are the challenges? If you don’t know about their business and how it operates, you may be trying to sell ice to an Eskimo! Likewise, if someone asks for your card, tell them a little about what you do, and ask if they can imagine a way that your businesses could help each other? Many people dislike networking events, and liken them to "speed dating". It’s all about quick rejection. And it’s even worse, if someone collects cards, and then puts you immediately on their mailing list! Learning how to network can make it more enjoyable, and beneficial for you as a business person, but especially as a person! So, pay attention, stay in the moment. Get to know something about every one with whom you speak. Remember, you have 2 ears and only 1 mouth. Nature designed it that way so you can listen twice as much as speak! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: