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"Your tact to, I am hungry hummingbird delivery staff – Sohu Chinese technology information technology news network November 14th double Eleven: Hey! Come as scheduled, you hand…… Okay? Anyway, hungry little circle of friends has become a shopping battlefield, everyone is really excited to buy buy buy, real (Xue) (Liu) (Cheng) of human heart (he). However, all the people in the shopping, the accumulation of single express will not burst positions will not be too busy to express little brother? We have a headache? To eat to drink as a company would like to point what trick? "Is the speed of delivery courier warehouse explosion effect where our buddy, where there is little recently, hungry hungry! The Yuantong express logistics distribution and cooperation, go by 1 turned express little brother, mud adorable dual eleven to help send us express. Hungry it will be in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other 15 cities to participate in the distribution of the distribution of express delivery, is expected to double during the delivery of eleven single volume up to 1 million single day. For our hungry little brother, in his spare time to participate in delivery, according to every day to send 50 single, can income more than and 100 dollars extra. So, our hungry little brother is actually doing? Delivery compared with delivery, what are the different experience? Small hungry found 90 hungry hummingbird rider Cao Lulu, followed him to experience the process of day delivery. Please stamp down down down down down down 90 Video – Hungry hummingbird rider Cao Lulu for Lulu Cao, the usual room work from about 10:30, he will usually spend the first time to take care of the baby – 2 – don’t look up in the morning after he was 25 years old, shoulder has the responsibility of a father. Now, in order to send express Cao Lu, ordering lunch before the peak of departure from home. Delivery means sacrificing the original free time, but he felt good: "I was restless, now not only can learn many things, but also make more milk money." Cao Lu to Minhang District Yuantong site, and soon everybody busy open. The person in charge of the site said, usually here every day to receive more than 4 thousand parcels, double period, the number of at least doubled, the peak is in November 13th every year around eleven. Cao Lu quickly opened the "hummingbird pan" began to receive a single App. "Hummingbird pan" is hungry for the cooperation with tact the development of a specialized software, just sweep the two-dimensional code on the express orders, you can start to send a single, parcel transfer process will have steps, it is convenient for fried chicken. Saowan code, Cao Lulu to wrap up his familiar takeaway car. Everything is ready, start to send a single work in Cao Lu! "As the station take away" single king, Lulu Cao sent from Express is Qingjushulu, soon completed the first single. The company white-collar Mr. Su saw him sign a blue knight equipment, paused, smiled: "you hungry how to express?" "foreign users send express surprised because I sell time, part-time courier riders, will be wearing the Blue Rider clothing. Cao said that at the beginning of the delivery of those days, almost!相关的主题文章: