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Business Even Bank of America Merrill Lynch expects Bangalore real estate sector growth to remain slow but steady over the next 12 months with flat house volume for the second year in a row, while favorable office demand-supply fundamentals will expected lead to a further fall in vacancy levels."Another important point to note is that Prestige Ivy Terraces through until the end of the first quarter of financial year 2010, the Bangalore property market had collapsed in line with the global economic/real estate slowdown. While NCR and Mumbai managed to recover quickly because of the huge investor demand, the Bangalore market as a whole dropped by more than during this time, which is why prices are still relatively cheaper here as against the other two cities. And the sudden surge in Bangalore properties only occurred in the last quarter of FY11-12 due to launches in the mid-in.e segment by large realty .panies such as Sobha Developers and Prestige Estates Projects, said Kapok. According to a report by ICICI Securities, sales momentum for Prestige remains strong because it has already booked sales worth Rs 500 core in the first two months of the current quarter. Small regional players such as Sobha Developers and Prestige Prestige Ivy Terraces Bangalore better balance sheets than larger peers. Their stocks have as well as fared better because they concentrate on certain areas, unlike players like DLF which tried to expand in non-core markets and ultimately failed. The Mumbai and Delhi realty market, where 70 percent of the purchasers are speculators, can easily be termed a bubble waiting to pop. Bangalore, however, is relatively (not entirely) safe from speculators where sales are largely driven by IT firms providing sturdy employment and stable to qualified professionals. But when the demand is genuine, speculators can’t keep off. This is the precise reason why private equity investments of at least Rs 400 core. This investor demand has as well as lead to appreciation in capital values on the periphery of the metro as the total required size of investment is much lower in the suburbs than for the Central Business District areas. Sarjapur, Hoskote, Bided, Devanahalli and the latest international airport areas are considered Bangalore outskirts. Soft launch of the Fern Residency at Sarjapur Road for Prestige has received strong response with the .pany selling 450 flats at Rs 5,000/sq ft (total of 1,300 flats are to be sold). Another launch at Hebbel (Prestige Misty Waters) of 1mn sq ft at sq ft is attracting good enquiries," ICICI Securities mentioned in its report. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: