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Hubei Yichang official documents have two children: the local civil service slogan in September 18th, Yichang Wei Planning Commission website linked to a red head file open letter calling for public officials to have two children, the open letter has been deleted. In September 18th, Yichang Wei Planning Commission website linked to a red head file open letter calling for public officials to have two children, the open letter has been deleted. The 8 units issued a public letter called for public officials "begin from me", to become the two child policy advocates, to guide people to have a second child in September 18th, Hubei Province, Yichang City Planning Commission website linked to a "comprehensive" on the implementation of two child policy by municipal authorities and institutions with all members of the Communist Party of the Communist Youth League’s open letter "(hereinafter referred to as the" open letter "), with the red tape of 8 seal units, called on officials to have two children," the young comrades should begin from me, the old comrades to educate and supervise their children". The open letter as soon as it was exposed, that sparked heated debate, netizens questioned the government through the form of red head file to encourage fertility is appropriate, the evening of 21, the Beijing News reporter found the letter disappeared from the Yichang Planning Commission official website. Yichang entered the low birth level Beijing News reporter noted that the publishing unit of the open letter including the Yichang Municipal Planning Commission, Yichang Municipal Education Bureau, Yichang City Federation of trade unions and other 8 units, the object of open letter "all the organs and institutions directly under the Communist Youth League, Comrades". Open letter wrote, since entering the new century, the city’s population situation has undergone profound changes. The city has a super low fertility level, the average number of children per woman fertility less than 1 people. If this phenomenon continues, will bring great risks and hazards to the city’s economic and social development and people’s well-being of families, is a direct consequence of the one-child families, increasing the risk of population aging, labor shortage and city urbanization lag, and then influence the comprehensive competitiveness of the production rate and the labor of the city." Beijing News reporter access to information found that Yichang from 2000 began to enter the ultra low fertility, fertility rates in recent years, continued to decline. With the gradual implementation of the two child policy, the fertility rate in the region did not rebound significantly. Hope that public officials do set an example of the Yichang municipal planning commission chief planning guidance, Chen Tianming said in an interview, all two children after the introduction, in 2016 3-8 month, Yichang municipal CPPCC joint experts conducted a survey found that people in Yichang is not strong, the birth of the two child will, many people are still on the sidelines, worry about two children after the medical treatment, education and other services to keep pace, "in order to dispel the concerns, we call on the public officials take the lead in giving birth to two children as an example, gradually formed a small family climate". The letter also mentioned some specific measures to encourage the birth of two children, such as "carry out two child full free service; a further extension of maternity leave, to establish a free premarital, free pre pregnancy health check holiday system; planning and reasonable allocation of public service resources, expand the capacity of infant care and education; strengthen obstetrics and gynecology medical care, pediatric services supply, strengthen the elderly pregnant women and infertile patients clothing prop相关的主题文章: