Yang Mi, sunglasses, colour lips, just want to become a scenic line footman

Yang Mi, sunglasses, Colour lip, just want to be a baby line of the landscape, you also know that the recent fashion week, "war" has been started in the! So "lens" had aimed to the airport – the only way which must be passed! Found a love for everyone to use routines: sunglasses +colour lips, a hundred sets of Look let you choose! Fashion week Show Time goddesses have "challenges" baby Victoria Song as strength values Yan players, glorious embarked on a "journey of fashion week"! Her black sunglasses + Red Bean Lip, let us see her "skill mix", no excessive poser, go is clear style. Wuli large power power has also been Barbara sister at the airport Fashion, huh? But the large power power also like Victoria Song, wearing sunglasses +colour lip, but she is going RETRO art fan children, round sunglasses with Orange Lip tortoise powder, in autumn is particularly rosy! Warm heart! Although the show different but actually are going the same routine so from Victoria Song and the large power power "sunglasses +colour lip", it is not difficult to find the sisters’ routine! Yuan Shanshan put on the amber sunglasses, painted pink orange lips, properly small fresh! The girl looks at Dongyu Zhou girl style, sunglasses with pink lip round, a soft sister is Y! O! U! Well, Nazha always and others do not, is on the reflector and go "tough" wind, and light pink lip color to increase her fashion trendsetter feel. In fact, in addition to the sisters, the main network Hongbo also love the "routine": the main supermodel love Sunglasses with red colour at the upper east side ladies Olivia, marble frame with reflective Sunglasses nude color paste lip, is not looking at the high-end atmosphere on the grade?! Cool black leather, with dark lipstick is hanging fried days! We always love the mirror red lips, with 2 meter 8 domineering aura, have wood has?! The fairy is a "dark sunglasses mix powder Orange Lip" masterpiece, this will have to cool cool, handsome handsome, beauty has Look, as you choose! Learn only the goddess "sunglasses +colour lip" routine, and which God cannot hold up, which Obama can not love?相关的主题文章: