Yak escape slaughterhouse hit a pedestrian running by the police shot dead 8 yuanjiao

Yak escape slaughterhouse hit a pedestrian running by the police shot dead 8 yak yak running on the sidewalk running on the sidewalk on the sidewalk running yak police shot and killed the yak 27 PM, Sichuan Suining City Economic Development Zone, a butcher transport yak slaughterhouse, one head of severing the slaughterhouse wooden fence to escape, there will also be a a passing middle-aged women injured. The butcher is chasing the yak for up to 2 hours after, finally to the local police for help. Suining City Public Security Bureau, the District Public Security Bureau after receiving the alarm, the police immediately to the scene of containment. Crazy yak ran back and forth along the main road north of the state, the police and the public will eventually reach the dead end of the street in the yak, decisive shot will be killed yak. Yak fled bumped into our local passers-by "fracture does not produce to buy yak, yak from field to slaughter sales." The big market in Suining Sichuan owner Zou Yong said, he went to Ganzi, ABA in a month before the acquisition of yak, and then shipped back to the Suining slaughter. 27, 2 pm, Zou Yong pulled 10 yaks to the north of the city of Suining near the bridge is a pioneer in slaughterhouses, will remove one of yak, yak cattle circle suddenly severing the wooden fence, quickly ran to the road outside the city. Zou Yong quickly picked up the rope and went out. The escaped yak ran into the main road. Zou Yong spent 2 hours to catch up, not only did not entangle the yak, but also make the yak ran into the flow of people relatively more sections. Suining local people saw the road running around the yak, invariably come around to watch. Then, in the north and the Shu Xiu Street Interchange, mad yak will pass to lady knocked to the ground, after the hospital diagnosis by Ms. right clavicle fracture impact. Yak hurt, quickly find the police help." Zou Yong and onlookers immediately call the police. The police and passers-by with a containment of yak cattle Public Security Bureau of Suining City Economic Development Zone Branch of the Jiahe police station rushed to the scene. "We received the alarm, cattle just ran to the street north." Police station Hu Yu told reporters that they rushed to the scene on the way, the command center and the information came to say cattle have run to the show street. The police and Zou Yong and some brave people together to help the oxen. Angry yak saw the rope, turned to the main road, causing traffic disruption. "When we are about to report to the command center, ready for emergency treatment." Hu Yu said, on the road through the yak run 3 kilometers, seriously affected the travel and public traffic order, comprehensive on-site command center, the police will be killed decisively ordered stampeding yak. Due to the site to watch the crowd more, afraid of the police police shot the masses caused by injury, and the people around a road will be rushed to the back streets of yak. Back Street police opened 8 shot Hu Yu in Yak like a lot of ways, finally find two tricycle, will be rushed to the secluded location for yak, then killed. Hu Yu first to the yak body even open 3 guns, but did not hurt the Yak’s life. The crazy yak rushes into the street again, and rushes towards the crowd. Hu Yu once again to the yak 5 shots, including the head of the yak in the 3 shot. Yak finally fell to the ground no longer move.相关的主题文章: