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Xingtai 16 year old mountains built homes for the elderly to provide free happy homes (Figure) – Beijing new network in Xingtai in September 23, (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tiechui Guo Hongyu) "I want to keep a castle, built a courtyard, not for profit, can only hope to provide a free place for the needs of Yangxin the old man." Shahe, Hebei 63 year old Zuo Wenming said. Early autumn in Taihang Mountain, the chestnut tree, a field below the foot of a hill, with a green corn. There is a hillside cottage, this is the first place left civilization again. Now, there is a courtyard between the two hills, a total of 12 houses, the house is about to be completed. This is actually the happiness Institute left civilization. This year, the money will be sold out of these chestnuts, the house will be completed." Standing on the hill, gray haired left civilization smiled and said, housing money from the mountains to the harvest and two friends support. I want to build the happiness Institute is the elderly needs training provides a free accommodation to stay. In the Buddhist temple Xiang Wang Qiancun Shahe city of Hebei Province, 63 year old Zuo Wenming returned home after retirement, and began to pack a Chestnut Hill, with the money selling chestnuts, built a happy school. In 2012, the old man left civilization hospitalized due to cerebral blood stasis, the right side of the body action inconvenience, life can not take care of themselves once. After two months in hospital rehabilitation, he decided to move to the mountains. "I kind of farming, here tube tree, do some thing, more than a year, the body recovered a lot." Zuo Wenming said that life here is conducive to physical and mental health. Sitting in the mountains, to see the villagers, a voice called him up, with chitchatting, life is very comfortable. The old man can come here to recuperate, repair the heart, the best. Then, the old man out of mind, to earn money to build a tree hill package seat free happiness hospital. In the summer of 2015, the well-being of the elderly started, after a year of construction, the main body of the 12 rooms have been built. "This year Shouqiu, chestnuts sold the money, the house can be built. My wish is very simple is to give to the elderly to provide a free training place. In the future, I will continue to use the package to sell chestnut money to increase the welfare of the facilities and equipment, so that the elderly can be happy, I will be happy." Zuo Wenming said. (end)相关的主题文章: