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Xi Jinping leading aerospace dream boost China dream China Communist News Network September 15 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Gao Lei) tonight 22 04, coincides with the mid autumn moon night, Chinese Tiangong two space laboratory in Jiuquan satellite launch base, the official opening of space travel. "The development of aerospace industry, the construction of space power, is our relentless pursuit of the space dream." Jiuquan three years ago, the general secretary Xi Jinping met with Tiangong-1 (micro-blog) and the Shenzhou ten manned missions that participate in research participants unit representatives. In recent years, the general secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that the construction of aerospace power, the realization of the space dream, for the development of the aerospace industry in China in the new period, put forward the expectation, direction, planning blueprint, become the space people the pursuit of common goals and guide to action. The establishment of "space Heritage Day" spirit of space technology and climb the peak in April 24, 1970, China’s first artificial earth satellite Dongfanghong launch, opened the prelude to Chinese, to explore the mysteries of the universe, the peaceful use of outer space for the benefit of mankind. April 24, 2016, we ushered in the first "China Aerospace day". Explore the vast universe, the development of space industry, the construction of space power, is our relentless pursuit of the space dream." General secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions in the "space day" stressed that after several generations of astronauts to continue the struggle, China’s aerospace industry to create a "two bombs and one satellite", manned spaceflight and lunar exploration as the representative of the brilliant achievements, out of a self reliant, self innovation and the accumulation of the spirit of deep space broad. From the "two bombs and one satellite" to the Shenzhou spacecraft, from Dongfanghong to chang e flying, from unmanned flight to space walk…… All of this, witnessed China’s space industry every step of the take-off and leap. "Firmly grasp the strategic opportunity, persist in innovation driven development, technology and climb the peak, and write a new chapter in China aerospace industry, and make greater contribution to national development and enhance human well-being, general secretary Xi Jinping of the aerospace science and technology workers earnest exhortations, the expectations of the Party Central Committee on the development of the aerospace industry. Heaven and earth call to inspire the dream of manned space flight demonstration of China’s strength in 2013 06, Jiuquan satellite launch center, 11. Xi Jinping came to the astronaut apartment Wentiange, set off for the upcoming Shenzhou ten astronaut 150040. "You are carrying out the fifth manned space mission in China, which carries the dream of the Chinese nation. Here, I wish you success and look forward to your success." On June 11, 2013, general secretary Xi Jinping came to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center astronaut apartment Wentiange, set off for the upcoming astronaut 150040. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xueren taken 13 days later, general secretary Xi Jinping at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center, three astronauts and mission of Tiangong-1 is the world. Xi Jinping said that the dream is an important part of a dream, with the rapid development of China aerospace industry, Chinese space exploration step further and further. "The achievements of the manned space program, fully demonstrated the great Chinese road, the spirit of China, China’s strength, the people of all ethnic groups in China to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream of determination and.相关的主题文章: