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Woman mistook the electric car workers shed was security detention for 20 minutes – Beijing September 16th afternoon, Ms. Han Jiaozuo people to Jiaozuo Xinya electrical appliance shopping mall, mistaking their electric cars parked in the workers shed, the results were security detention for 20 minutes. Fortunately, 110 police arrived, was released. Go to the shopping mall: mistakenly electric cars parked in the workers shed, security was detained 20 minutes today (September 18th) as early as 8 pm, Ms. Han wronged told reporters on the afternoon of September 16th, she rode the electric car to Sinya electric mall shopping, riding the electric car at the mall did not turn around to put electric space, see next to the garage are electric cars, electric cars went to find a place to put down, and then into the shopping mall. When Ms. Han took to buy the goods shed to ride electric vehicles, when a security guard suddenly came to his face at her: "why stop here". Ms. Han said, when she also somehow do not know why, he said he had let go of the car how to do, or pay a deposit? Security has said, do not need, then go according to the procedure, the door locked to you, you think of it. And then the security men went away. "What do I mean by staying in a moment? I am your consumer ah? I didn’t mean to stop the workers shed, even if I am not intentionally stopped, lock me shed to punish me?" Ms. Han said, who gave you the right to limit personal freedom? She had to know the new manager call, and then reported to the police. It was more than and 20 minutes before the door was opened. After the alarm, first came to the two patrol members, patrol members are particularly powerful, do not look for the security to solve the problem, has been to ms.. Ms. Han said: "I do not go to the police station, because I was a victim, why not let the illegal detention of my security to go together. Ms. Han went on to hit 110, after the police arrived, security to apologize to Ms. Han peiqing. Lawyers say: security practices, contrary to the relevant provisions of the law today (September 18th) as early as 9 pm, Henan Ding Kang Yawei law firm lawyers said in an interview with reporters, since January 1, 2010 the implementation of the "security service management regulations (Draft)" the provisions of article twenty-fourth, the security guards shall have the following acts: (a) limiting others the personal freedom of others, illegal search body; (two) insult, assault or abetting assault; (three) the seizure and confiscation of property certificates and others; (four) hinder law enforcement; (five) the use of violence or threat of violence, recourse debt dispute settlement; (six) the infringement of citizens’ privacy or disclosure of classified information; (seven) other acts in violation of laws and administrative regulations. On security practices, Kang Yawei lawyers believe that the provisions of the relevant laws against the improper behavior.相关的主题文章: