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Will you give your baby a proper bath? Sohu – maternal baby shower, this is a major event, a new mother often get confused miss the point. The order and method of preparing goods, water temperature, bath, and after washing to touch so she can sleep comfortably and so on. First wash your face with the left arm and the left palm head and neck from the baby back hold, hold the baby body with arms and waist, to maintain the level of the baby supine in the adult lap, don’t head down, otherwise easily spits; small towel will wash and wring dry, with four corners were gently rub Shi Baobao’s eyes (with the inner canthus outward canthus wipe your eyes and nostrils), nose secretion clean; rub around the eyes is the inflammation from the middle to both sides of the nose rub rub, not too deep; wipe baby ear, pay attention to wipe towel wrung as much as possible, not too wet, prevent the baby ear; there will be a red dot baby face that must be gentle, do not force to rub, but can not pull the hand; then wash the left hand to hold the pillow, with the thumb and forefinger of auricle forward, face Upward, ears blocked out water; the baby fontanel is not closed, scalp grease crusted, these places must be gentle, not to pull the scab; finally wash the body in the bathtub at the bottom of a towel to prevent the baby fall, let the baby neck pillow on the wrist; the left hand from back embrace baby, grabbed the arm and shoulder. Don’t let go, cleaning the chest and abdominal (not bath, umbilical cord does not fall off can be separated and washed) for the right hand from the chest around the baby, grabbed the arm and shoulder, must not let go, then turn back and buttocks cleaning; cleaning the genitals, around the thigh, leg and foot bathing; adults left from the back up to keep the baby’s arms, hold the head and neck, grasp the side of the arm and shoulder, right hand from the hamstring pull arm to hold the baby. Seize the feet, with a thigh, placed in a bath towel. Not for 6 cases, a baby shower after vaccination temporarily do not take a bath the baby vaccinated, the skin will be temporarily left eye microscopic pinholes, then take a bath easily contaminated needle. Two, in case of frequent vomiting, diarrhea temporarily do not take a bath when bathing is moving the baby, it makes vomiting intensifies, attention can also cause vomit aspiration. Three, fever or fever within 48 hours is not recommended to hot bath the baby shower, it is easy to make the baby appear chills, and even some will occur convulsion; inappropriate bath sometimes make the skin pores closed causing the temperature higher, and sometimes the skin capillary dilatation and congestion, the main blood supply resulting in baby body deficiency. In addition, fever after the baby’s resistance is poor, it is vulnerable to cold bath immediately caused fever again, so that the heat back 48 hours after bathing the baby. Four, when the baby skin damage should not take a bath the baby has skin lesions, such as impetigo, furuncle, burns, trauma and so on, this is not the time to bathe. Because of the local skin damage will be wound, bathing will make the wound spread or contaminated. Five, after feeding is not.相关的主题文章: