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Insurance Do you own a piano? It is surely one of the finest musical instruments in the world that has a sense of class attached to it. Being large in size and .ing for a handsome price, pianos have always been considered instruments for the elites. Having one at home surely makes a style statement and adds to the decor of your home. Whether you are a pianist, have inherited one in the family or have recently bought one at an auction, you need to insure it. There are special piano insurance plans that protect your financial interests. In this short write-up we shall take a look at why a piano insurance plan is beneficial for you. Loss or Damage at Home Do you feel your homeowners plan would cover your piano in case of theft or damage to your instrument at home? It is time you realize the heartbreaking truth that your homeowners insurance plan offers you little protection. These plans treat your piano or any other musical instrument as any other furniture or belonging at your home and can often offer you a laughable .pensation which is a fraction of the value of the instrument. Vintage Value Staying with value, pianos being a stationary instrument tend to see through many generations in a family or multiple owners. We .e across pianos which are decades old with some even having clocked the 100 years mark. The older and rarer a piano get sits price in terms of valuation increases and here we are talking about values of thousands of dollars and even the six figure mark in many cases. It be.es important for you to treat it not only as a musical instrument but something that has vintage value attached to it. So before you buy a plan it would be wise to get in appraised by a seasoned professional as this will let you insure it for the value it .mands. Damage During Transit One of the biggest risk factors associated with a piano is when it is being moved from one place to another. You may be changing your home or taking it to a stage where you are scheduled to perform. If the movers dont carry out the task professionally it can easily cause damage to your piano. And you would realize that piano repair is no childs play and you would have to incur huge expanses. If you have a vintage instrument these costs can multiply as you would have to hire services of the most skilled people in this business. Your piano insurance plan would cover these costs and offer you .plete peace of mind while moving your piano from one place to another. Before you buy the plan you need to make sure that the insurer enjoys good reputation in the market and offers you a tailored plan that would meet all your niche needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: