Why VR products first fire in the Chinese market rainlendar

Why VR products first in the Chinese market fire [Abstract] thanks to the rapid acceptance of Real Estate Company and other industries VR technology, China’s rapid growth as the world’s most important VR market. [editor’s note] [economist] recently published an article entitled the Chinese market first to accept virtual reality products (China leads the in the adoption of virtual reality) review article. The author believes that China’s real estate industry on the use of virtual reality (VR) products, as well as Chinese consumers of high-tech products, is the Chinese market to accept the main reasons for VR products. The following is the main content of the article. In London’s Shoreditch area (Shoreditch) is an emerging technology industrial park, located in a Stage large multi-purpose building development China Vanke company. The thirty-seventh floor of the Stage is residential. Recently, a Chinese buyer to Stage showings. She walked from room to room, watching furniture and appliances, overlooking the city from the balcony. She didn’t need to fly to London for the visit. She is located in Shanghai Vanke global sales center with VR glasses to complete the visit. VR equipment in China’s real estate industry rapidly. There are few Real Estate Company in other countries. Thanks to the rapid adoption of Real Estate Company and other industries on VR technology, China has rapidly grown into the world’s most important VR market. The Chinese market is so rapid acceptance of RV products, not because Chinese companies to create the best VR helmet. In fact, the most advanced VR hardware manufacturer is Facebook’s Oculus, SONY, Samsung and Taiwan HTC. Moreover, the best VR game and movie software is developed by the company of California, Chengdu, rather than a company in China or Chongqing. However, Chinese enterprise of VR technology professional use means that the VR industry may Chinese in the first pot of gold digging. Goldman Sachs predicts that by 2025, the market value of the global VR market will soar from now to $60 billion, of which hardware and software accounted for half of the market share. Goldman Sachs also predicted that this year, VR equipment sales in the Chinese mainland market will account for 1/3 of global VR equipment sales. Western market interest in VR is mainly concentrated in consumer applications, such as games. But in China, the commercial application of the VR market is a direct channel for growth and profitability. Vanke as the representative of the real estate developers are using VR technology to sell them overseas or not built high priced real estate, architects are using VR technology to do the design. In addition, education is a very promising field. Last year, China Netdragon software company received wide attention, because the company to approximately $100 million acquisition of UK online education company Promethean World. Now, the dragon is the VR test software and hardware used in the study, China.相关的主题文章: