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Reference-and-Education Over the years, there are a lot of .plaints and cases where teens engage in alcohol and drug abuse. There are many elements and reasons why substance abuse is a .mon problem among adolescents. Through the innovation of technologies, influence of friends, fast changing adaption of the generation and through lack of advice, there are higher chances that teenagers may see their life meaningful with the influence of drugs and alcohol. Finding the reasons for teenage addiction with the help of experts of drug treatment programs is very helpful in identifying the ideal rehabilitation program. Identifying the Traits Not all teens are being subjected to be in the influence of drugs and alcohol. Curiosity is one culprit that makes a teenager rely on substance abuse. It’s natural for children and teenagers to be curious because of the fact that they do not know much about things. They eagerly want to see and hear more about what are the effects of alcohol and drugs in the body. One of the big reasons why teenagers turn to substance abuse is because of peer pressure which can be from friends or other people to help the teenager fit in the crowd. Family History Another factor that may lead to drug and alcohol abuse in teens is from their family history. Histories of neglect and child abuse are aspects that have been identified by health care professionals to cause substance abuse in teenagers. The parents play an important role in guiding their kids to the right path of life. If parents fail to do so, kids will be left alone doing things they wish to do without thinking what is right and wrong. If parents are the main source of drug abuse, their kids will most likely develop into a drug abuser in the future. Prevention and Treatment One way to prevent substance abuse in teens is to have proper guidance and an open .munication. This would imply in selecting the right friends, having consistent .munication from parents and proper guidance. The environment suitable for the child or teen must be a drug-free place and that a strong relationship foundation must be maintained. If the teenager has already been affected with substance abuse, it is best to submit him or her to the experts of drug rehabilitation programs to help attain recovery. Despite the curiosity from kids and teens, it is best that parents provide full guidance to help teenagers understand the right and wrong things to be done in life. Substance abuse is a serious problem that needs proper therapy and prevention so that the cases of substance addiction will be reduced and eventually be eradicated from the .munity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: