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Everyone does it, including you. You have things to do, important things or mundane things, and you put off doing them until the last minute. If Procrastination were an Olympic event you might be in the running for a gold medal, you are that good at it. You make jokes about being a world class procrastinator with your friends, telling them that sure, you could finish that project right now if you wanted to but you are just going to do it tomorrow. Procrastination is putting something off until later, either due to carelessness or habitual laziness. It is putting off till tomorrow what you just as easily could have finished up today. A procrastinator postpones or needlessly delays ac.plishing something. Students are notorious for engaging in this behavior. Papers need to be researched and written, tests must be studied for but none of this is done or even started until the very last minute. Students who procrastinate generally spend a great deal of time pulling all nighters in order to catch up to where they need to be or to cram for the big test in the morning. A person who is habitually late to everything, from weddings to dates, is someone who procrastinates getting ready to leave. Maybe they do not start getting ready until it is nearly time to leave or they move so slowly that by the time they should leave for the event, they are still way behind schedule. Why do we let things slide until we are in a time crunch and the deadline is looming and we are not even CLOSE to being finished? Why do we procrastinate? The behavior of procrastination affects almost everyone at one time or another in their life. For some it is a continuous habit, part of who they are, a not so endearing character trait; for others it may be a situational thing and does not affect too many events in their life. For whatever reason, people put off things they do not want to do. 1) Because You Are Afraid. No one likes to admit that they fear something, but fear might just be the reason you put off doing what you know you should do. Whether it is fear of failure or fear of success, it is still fear. Fear is a paralyzing emotion. It has the ability to stop us in our tracks-literally. Some writers fear failure so they never write that epic novel they have churning around inside of them; some fear success and the result is the same. If you procrastinate .pulsively, and who does not enjoy doing that, then you may fear that once you are successful at something you will suffer the .pulsion to continually be successful. This will require you to work and finish what you have started and that will cut into your .pulsion to procrastinate. It is a never ending cycle. Fear can cause us to procrastinate. 2) Because You Do Not Think It Is Important Enough. You do not place a high enough priority on the task at hand, it is not vital and so it is not worthy of you beginning it. You know the task needs to be done and you may already have decided that you are the one who must do it. However, there is always something else more important on your to do list that keeps bumping that particular job back to the bottom. Say for example, you know that that the dishwasher needs to be unloaded. You will get to it later, after you go grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is more important because if you do not have food you will starve to death. Besides, no one can see that the dishwasher is full of clean dishes. After grocery shopping you need to eat, because you are hungry. Besides, you can just take a plate out of the dishwasher and use that. That is sort of unloading it, isn’t it? Unloading the dishwasher is not a priority and that is why you procrastinate doing it. 3) You Do Not Know Enough to do the Task. You may procrastinate beginning a project because you simply do not know everything you need to know in order to .plete the task. You may not have consciously admitted this to yourself, but deep down you know it and it is .ing out as an aversion to starting the project. You need to determine whether or not this is because you haven’t collected all the data on what you have to do, or simply because you want to stall for more time. 4) Because You Are Too Busy. Life is busy. We have jobs and .mitments and sometimes, just sometimes, we cannot get to a particular task because we have run out of time in our busy day to .plete one more thing. 5) Because It Works. Unfortunately, procrastination can reinforce itself. If we avoid something we do not want to do by engaging in behavior that we want to engage in, such as hanging out with friends, then getting to it later, we can say that putting it off was not that bad after all. And besides, we had fun while we procrastinated. 6) You Have Not .mitted To the Job. You may think the job should belong to someone else, it is not really your job to do and the job is a waste of time. If this is how you are looking at this particular task, then you need to ask yourself what will happen to you if you do not .plete the job. 7) You Just Do Not Want To Do It. Everyone is faced with jobs in life that they simply do not want to do. They are either disgusting, like having to clean toilets, or they are dangerous, like climbing up on the roof and cleaning the leaves out from the rain gutters. We put off doing the task at hand because we simply do not want to do it. Period. There is no underlying psychological reason for putting it off. And most likely, you could just be lazy. Yes, that is what I said. I know it is not an easy thing to hear about yourself, but sometimes facing the truth about ourselves can help us over.e bad habits and succeed where we otherwise may have failed. You need to find a way to motivate yourself out of your habit of being lazy in order to stop procrastinating. 相关的主题文章: