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"Who is your dish" actress why postpartum skin is everything good – Liu Xuan, Wang Tao   entertainment Sohu; listen to grant soup through Sohu entertainment news entertainment has been a world of mystery, the female star baby after birth no transition, feeling a second to be able to lean back, completely ignoring the time and space logic, then straightforward point is the inverse growth! Last night 21:10 Anhui TV star sports life show large delicacy "who is praised by your food" the second quarter after the broadcast, especially at the birth of the baby is still breastfeeding Liu Xuanyi played a stunning the crowd: why not fat in your left traces? But on a popular Zhaqi the ball head, wearing a plaid shirt wider leg pants Liu Xuan looks face if the cross stitch, the skin looks delicate and smooth, like a girl, not just the birth of the baby mommy. It’s skin is everything good, even the audience exclaimed, grew up in her hour game, why they are old people still so young? Good body good skin by eating out Liu Xuan Wang Tao couple two people for food as soon still breastfeeding mom, Liu Xuan to pay special attention to diet, said yesterday the program, at this stage the soup for me is very important, after all, lactation need more nutrition, and can regulate the body, nourishing soup on the body skin recovery it is important, no wonder the 36 year old Liu Xuan looks like a more than and 20 year old girl, pay attention to diet on health is the key! Another "on" diet is Liu Xuan’s husband Wang tao. As a host and a friend Li Xiang broke the news, the king of the super super can eat, and he dared to eat about AA, not to treat, then Liu Xuan also did not forget to fill the knife, said: he likes to eat! Really is a wife, of course, enough to see the two feelings of sweet, which is one of the reasons Liu Xuan can maintain the status of a girl. According to the two people had met to explode, because eat, because Liu Xuan packed Wang Tao favorite cakes, this two happy couples. Mrs. Xiao Shenyang did not forget to cook the sugar show affection for Liu Xuan Wang Tao do dark cuisine laugh the audience in addition to Mr. and Mrs. Liu Xuan to the audience the dog food, Xiao Shenyang couple is fuchangfusui, at any time the sugar show of affection. Xiao Shenyang the sick record shows, the whole people are wasting a lot, Shen Chunyang also said Xiao Shenyang. In order to work so hard, two people said temporary live performance in a very high degree of understanding, the audience heart has been no small impact. In the cooking process, but also to allow couples to show the feelings of two couples! On the one hand, Xiao Shenyang recently fell to 120 pounds of weight to mad wife, Shen Chunyang is naturally bound to serve as "Chef", as Xiao Shenyang did in the summer cold appetizers refreshing way! On the other hand, Liu Xuan is still breastfeeding will cook to husband Wang Tao, finally, Wang Tao not surprisingly make a dark cuisine, but anyway, the two guests for everybody to offer his delicacy of passion, also let the audience see a mysterious force from the delicacy! Of course, want to see more guests and delicacy, please lock every Thursday night 21:10 Anhui TV star sports life show delicacy "who is your dish" in season second.相关的主题文章: