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UnCategorized There are two types of window bird feeders that you can choose from. One type will attach to the window allowing you a close view of the birds feeding but still offer the thin piece of glass as a partition between you and the birds. The other type could be referred to as a window sill bird feeder since it is made to sit on the window sill. This sometimes requires an open window and also can mean that you risk the birds flying into your house, a child trying to touch them or a pet reacting to prey sitting at their window. These ones need you to be more careful, and perhaps imaginative, in the management of this type of feeder. Still they are an experience worth considering. If this bird feeder that you chose to attach to your window is going to be on the outside then you will need a method of attachment. Many of the people who have this kind of feeder use suction cups to hold them to the windows. You simply suction them on to the window at a good height to protect he birds from cats while still being able to see them sitting at your window. Window bird feeders are a wonderful tool for teaching your children about the beauty of wildlife. They are able to watch the birds feed without any distraction to the birds. The birds will get used to seeing people as they feed. So, as long as there are no sudden movements you and your family will be able to enjoy hours of bird watching from the comfort of your kitchen table or living room couch. The other type of window bird feeders, the ones that sit on the window sill, are kept in place by different means. The best kinds are made to sit on the windowsill but still manage to keep the window closed. This can be done because they have sides that can be adjusted to fill the open window area. The window is closed on top of the feeder with the side pieces extended. In that way the feeder is right on the windowsill but the birds cannot get into the house or be bothered by curious little fingers. If you choose to use a feeder that sits on the windowsill it is best to consider this type. Any type of bird feeder that is going to be that close to your window will need to be used with the bird’s safety in mind more than other types. You need to keep your cats away and to teach younger children a healthy respect for the birds. They will need to understand that they must watch quietly and not bang on the windows just to see them fly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: