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Stocks-Mutual-Funds History have always stated that all those people who have invested in stock markets for a long term have been able to reap out good returns out of it. Share markets do not follow a fixed format and it is not possible to predict it in advance. But, definitely it is possible to determine the trend in which the stock market is moving on the basis of it we can make a forecast whether or not an investor can expect to earn his returns in future by staying invested in that particular stock. The markets usually follow a primary trend which is supported by the short term intermediate trends. Intermediate trends are the minor reversal trends which opposes the primary trend. Long term investors should not get affected by these minor reversals as they are not long lasting in nature. Investors investing for a long time horizon should keep following their primary trends as they would only determine the extent of returns which the investors can expect to earn out of their stocks. Therefore, sticking to the long term trend would yield you the accumulated return from the share market. Merely moving in and out of the share market would yield you relatively smaller returns, which may even get squared off with the losses that the investor may face in the other trading sessions. Timing the share market is also very important. An investor should be capable enough to make an entry when the stars are favorable for him i.e. when he perceives the start of a new trend. Wrong timing of the share market may entail huge losses to the investors. There is the likely possibility that he may have entered into the market with a presumption that the trend is still to continue further, but the reversal has taken place just after that. In a nutshell, it is not the question of which style of share investment is good or bad. It is the question of which style of investment finds its suitability with the investors mind. Most of the investors have made trading their profession where they try to earn a bit of profits on their stake from stock investment tips. About the Author: Apart from investing in fixed in.e securities, share investment gives a breakthrough to the investors to reap greater returns in a booming share market. However, certain element of risk is also involved in the share market, but one has to entail some risk in order to reap out better returns. No doubt, in the falling market, fixed in.e instruments would be feasible to bet on, but in case of rising markets adhering to the share tips and investin Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: