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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews German arms manufacturer, Heckler and Koch, has some of the classic range of army handguns, submachine guns and service pistols used by military men all across the world. In tactical range, HK pistols have brought about a revolution in the firearms industry. There are several models that score very high in this category. The MP5, or the Machine Pistol 5, is a 9 mm submachine gun with high caliber performance, user friendly design and double column magazine. The G series of hk pistol, especially the G28 is a designated marksman rifle that is chambered to fire the cal 7.62 mmx51 Nato cartridge. In the heckler & koch pistol range, the P30 represents systematic safety and user-oriented performance. HK P30 is a classic example of perfect functionality, notable design and refined looks. Its grip ergonomics and exchangeable back straps are most important features seen in an army pistol. Maximum adaptability to various hand sizes makes it easy to be handled as a handgun. The p30 is chambered to fire the 9 mm x19 and the .40 S&W calibers. The available trigger systems in the guns are that Double Action only and Single Action/Double Action. HK 45 pistols is a premium gun in the semi-automatic range and is the 9 mm caliber weapon. HK45 is available in several variants such as the hk45c or the .pact mode, hk 45CT or the .pact Tactical and hk 45 Tactical. Extended threaded barrels, interchangeable back straps, custom grip size and high profile rear and front sights are some of the key features enjoyed by the HK 45 Pistols. The standard model of hk 45 has a magazine capacity of up to 10 rounds and the .pact model has up to 8 rounds. In design and most of the operating principles, HK 45 Pistols resemble that of the hk USP range. Features of the P2000 is also present. Slide release, textured ergonomics, finger grooves and interchangeable backstraps are seen in the HK p2000 model as well. The picatinny rail that is installed in front of the trigger guard is used for mounting of accessories and sights. The Polygonal barrel matches that of the HK USP Expert and Matchless models. Capable of firing the .45 ACP caliber, durable and superior performance makes the hk 45, hk45c and the tactical models sought after army guns. For many civilians, it is also a well suited personal defense weapon and even the law enforcement agencies of various countries have adopted it for use. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: