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.puters-and-Technology Report writing software is an old product. After all, for as long as .puters have been used in business, executives have wanted to use them to track performance. How can you tell what a service is really costing you? What are all the costs associated with one department? Are you buying too much of one item? These are all questions that executives face on a daily basis, and the answers can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. A .pany president who is able to log his employees’ hours spent doing a particular job may have some serious questions about his business if he has paid out 6,000 hours of work in a year but in reality can only account for 1,500 hours worth of that labor. At $20 per hour, that is a discrepancy of $90,000 in one department alone! You can see how report writing software that is capable of monitoring details such as these and then displaying them in an easy-to-read display might be beneficial to any business leader, small or large. If you fall into either category, you are doing yourself and your business a disservice by not staying up-to-date with the cutting-edge, easy-to-use applications on the market. Four Changes in the Report Writing Software Climate 1.Easier customization. In the old days, a business executive may have had to hire a programming specialist to design reports based around the specific needs of his business. This was very costly and time-consuming to all involved. If something unimportant in the past suddenly became important, the programmer would have to go back in and make changes to the software. Today, things have changed. Ad hoc reporting, or reporting done "for this purpose," allows the business executive to pick and choose the information that is important to him or her. 2.More .plex understanding of business needs. One of the greatest advances in report writing software since its initial inception is the years of trial and error that have led business owners and programmers to an understanding of what criteria are important to specific fields. This has facilitated more relevant software to both small and large business owners and made the reading of reports much easier to understand. 3.Audience-friendly presentation formats. Show your findings in an easy-to-understand display, and avoid disconnects between your numbers and your message that too often occurs in a presentation. If you are trying to show your market share of a specific industry, a pie chart may beat a graph or sheet of numbers. Report writing software today will allow you a range of visuals to better .municate your analysis. 4.Advanced storage and security. Storage was always an issue in the old days of report writing software. What would you do with all that data? Your business wasn’t going anywhere (hopefully). Wouldn’t the demands (over time) lead to storage and security issues? Many report writing software programs today are server-based and access your data from more than one site in the event of an emergency, so your data will always be safe, secure, and backed-up. The more you integrate report writing software into your daily business routines, the more you will understand the factors that are most important to your results, and that leads to the greatest advantage of report writing software: taking charge of your business so you may hit your targets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: