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What is the future development trend of tea finance? (the tea circle hoax) – Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea tea trees "Songs" Q: from a business with a friend to a tea enterprises that have a guest, chat to this topic with their president: Internet, finance, tea, they are three different industries. If combined with the establishment of the "Internet Financial tea ‘, this new area of investment, how to finance future development trend of tea? The traditional tea tea, tea, tea, or to stimulate the point… What is it? It is a single Dabao: observations on the financial market based on the tea, and part of the industry and the exchange, has the following views: first, the definition of financial financial tea tea, is a new business in tea field (several years). With the help of speculation and speculators, unscrupulous traders to the airport master greed, to build a trading platform through the Internet, effectively maximize the prices and interests of manufacturers, to create a new…… Finance is the core of the Ponzi scheme, there is no other. Map: South beauty tea trees tea tea, "two songs" financial sources — Pu’er Tea surge myth can attract so many will come from a fellow who pursues rancidness. Everything is because the beginning of this century, the myth of tea boom. Nearly 100 years Pu’er Tea already free from the mainland mainstream tea consumption, since Hongkong is Pu’er Tea the mainstream consumer, during the most time Pu’er Tea are classified in the low-end products. Later because of "Pu’er Tea" a book published and push behind the capital, Pu’er Tea began to rise in Taiwan (Taiwan market began to enter the Wu Yi tea custom area). Then this trend spread to the mainland, the first is adjacent to the Guangdong area of Hongkong. Pu’er Tea in mainland China is one of the signs of the rise in raw material prices in 2003 Yiwu tea trees tea to go beyond the tracking platform (previously as symbol of science and technology has always been a symbol of Tableland Tea on the tall), but then Pu’er Tea market in Taiwan tea tea is in the mainstream. The irony is that Daxing Pu’er Tea market, state-run Menghai tea factory in 2004 due to poor management and sale. Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees "long" iconic old tea prices driven by the entire market (with red India as an example, the beginning of this century, but thousands of yuan a cake, now the market is about six hundred thousand), and inspire the enthusiasm of speculators. But the industry (merchants, media) through a series of events such as speculation Beijing caravan led to the public perception of Pu’er Tea, expand and promote the Pu’er Tea speculation population. In 1, a taxi driver in Beijing, said the cabinet in its home there are several cylinders 2005, 2006 years to buy Pu’er Tea, is said to be able to purchase motivation appreciation "asked what to drink tea, the answer was:" high ground". 2, Q: 2005 is the history of the caravan to Beijing several times the Pu’er Tea caravan to Beijing? Answer: for the first time…… Map: the spontaneous formation of South Beauty Tea tea trees "long" skyrocketing market to Pu’er Tea futures market, Guangzhou Fangcun is one example. A sudden increase in the Futures Network相关的主题文章: