What do you think of the mountain doctrine of Pu erh tea – Sohu to eat and drink remonstrate

What do you think of the "mountain doctrine" of Pu erh tea? Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea pearl tea "intact" old martial arts martial art Senran, Wudang, Shaolin, Emei, kongtong…… This is not the only one。 Today, the tea industry in the prevalence of the "mountain doctrine", its rich flavor is also quite similar to the martial arts arena. Play play tea to a certain level, if not tell yourself from which the martial art, really not good tea industry based on. At first, the "sectarianism" refers to a respected game player mountain tea, taste the unique taste. The old class is domineering, easy soft Yin Wu, Iceland shake aroma, different game player xinyousuozhu, everyone has his hobby. Also because of these famous reputation, game player who grade also seemed to improve a lot. But after all, tea is tea, and then there is an expensive mountain tea price there. To play tea play more cattle, can let the people bowed to pressure at the end of the line to dry cargo warehouse. So, some people think the book to save a few of the books, put all sorts of things together everywhere "signing someone thought; the old tea, with a variety of" handed down from ancestors "tea, Indian tea.; some people think the" King ", a self styled tea, a tea and the founder of the first ring who? Face industry discourse and so on to seize the commanding heights. It is a regular to Dongguan around the tea "tycoon" could not help but make an apprentice ceremony. According to eyewitnesses, the disciples who are to kneel, to sit up on the stage master line and follow the pecking order thrice kneeling and nine times bowing gift tea. The atmosphere of the scene, the ceremony is like a black society. The description of the scene, the witness tone is full of disdain, "is not a bubble tea, really put myself as a martial." Remember not long ago in a tea tea, a tea sister say "master" how to teach "tea master" to finish, "master" do to others good tea and so on, his tone was full of respect and pride. Several old people here but nobody answered smile into each other’s eyes, the incumbent, because they are well aware of the "master" backing: a cake tea Lincang is expected to sell nearly one thousand yuan, actually sell is "master" of the head. The original name of the hill, one day suddenly put a flag, the hill is not the original hill. The halo effect of psychological category, it is a lot of master who dream of the goal. Shielding rings can be shallow, let everything sacred. Let the tea sister surrender to the feet, line bow gift. If the old martial hegemony than the strength, loyalty, today’s tea industry with more interests and bustle. Tea sister follow the "master" is to sell tea, good money, "master" by the people to worship is to sell yourself a better brand, it deviates from the tea indifferent heart. However, the arena play tea also have "fun", "master" who will pinpoint each other’s private "Mingmen" such as "his warehouse is rubbish", "his group of dozens of pieces of a pound of wool in the collection where I know", "his book in the online copy"…… Speak spittle flying, but these words are not good to buy tea consumers hear it. If you have more tea, brew, drink to buy相关的主题文章: