West Lake side not only look at the scenery, careful wife and children lost all don’t know-嘿嘿taxi

West Lake side do not just look at the scenery, careful wife and children lost, do not know the National Day holiday period, West Lake, in addition to tourists, there are many police busy figure. Sir Georg Solti Nankow, police set up convenient service point, solve the tourist consultation, help the tourist service; music fountain at the entrance to the police station, willow service point, often see tourists around West Lake or consultation, patrol personnel on duty inspections, to help visitors through a variety of ways. Police statistics, the past few days in West Lake area with the police since more than 10 couples separated, not seen in children. Police help parents find children every day, at 9:30 on October 5th, reporters came to the music fountain nearby. Although the National Day holiday is nearing completion, but Longxiang bridge subway exit to the area, tourists are still very much, especially many adults with children. It asked second personnel on duty, he said half an hour ago, a 5 year old child and his family. Why would they? Parents told the duty officer, the son just from the tourist car down, more than one person, squeeze each other can not find people. Fortunately, the child did not go far, the police immediately found. Lingyin police station said, klippes toll gate, entrance channel, main hall Lingyin had separated children, fortunately, the police take the initiative to help find the scene, or by monitoring the search, adults and children finally reunited. Area police said that during the National Day has received more than 10 children separated for help or alarm, only several police station, five days before the national day, every day there will be at least 3 similar help or alarm, but will take the initiative to ask the road patrol, to find his lost child. His wife, a year old son and a half son were lost, Mr. Chen, 44 years old, Guizhou people. He and his wife came to Hangzhou for more than a year, working in Linping. In October 1st, Mr. Chen, who never visited West Lake, took his wife and two sons to take the subway to the broken bridge. More than 3 points in the afternoon, Mr. Chen family from Beishan street in West Lake, went to the nearby marina, Mr. Chen took the 13 year old son walked in front, wife holding a half years old son walking in the back, see West Lake good scenery, his wife took the little son down, may be shot photos into his little son down. "She walked all the way, and the son put it in place. I walked with my eldest son in front of me. I didn’t know anything." Later, Mr. Chen found his wife lost his husband, a turn back, the youngest son also disappeared. "She went back along the road looking for the youngest son, and it was hard to find her youngest son, but we couldn’t find us again." Mr. Chen said. Wait until Mr. Chen found his wife gone, have to walk one or two kilometers of road, "she didn’t have a mobile phone, no way to contact me, looking for more than 3 hours, has not been found, hit the 110 alarm, then find 12 o’clock at night, still can not find the son, too tired, I you bring him home." Second days in the morning more than 6, Chen quickly returned from Linping to West Lake, continue to find his wife. Until second o’clock in the evening of 6, Mr. Chen received a police call, said his wife has been in the lakeside police station. When I called the police, I took the wife’s photo and the son’s photo to the police station, and went to the police station to know that my wife and my youngest son were there." Mr. Chen said that the wife is Buyi people, can not speak Chinese, so there is no way to help. "The wife has no net on her body."

西湖边别只顾看风景 小心老婆孩子丢了都不知道国庆长假期间,西湖边除了游客,还有很多警察忙碌的身影。苏堤南口,警察设立便民服务点,解答游客咨询,帮游客办事;音乐喷泉入口处,柳浪派出所服务点前,经常会看到游客咨询,巡警或西湖周边执勤人员来回巡查,通过各种方式帮助游客。警方统计,这几天西湖景区有十多起夫妻走散、孩子转眼不见的报警。民警每天都帮父母找到孩子10月5日上午9点30分,记者来到音乐喷泉附近。尽管国庆假期接近尾声,但龙翔桥地铁出口往景区方向,游客还是非常多,大人带着小孩的尤其多。才问到第二位执勤人员,就说半个小时前,有个5岁孩子和家人走散了。为什么会走散?家长告诉执勤人员,儿子刚从游览车下来,人一多,相互挤得就找不到人了。好在孩子没走远,民警马上找到了。灵隐派出所民警说,飞来峰入口收费口、灵隐通道、大雄宝殿都曾有孩子走散,幸好现场民警主动帮忙找寻、或通过监控搜寻,大人和小孩最终团聚。景区警方说,国庆期间已经接到十多起孩子走散的求助或报警,仅柳浪派出所,国庆前五天,每天至少会有3起类似求助或报警,好在路面巡警都主动询问,及时找到走散的孩子。老婆、一岁半儿子全走丢了陈先生44岁,贵州人。他和老婆来杭州一年多,在临平打工。10月1日,从没到西湖玩过的陈先生,带着老婆、两个儿子坐地铁来到断桥。当天下午3点多,陈先生一家从北山街进入西湖,走到游船码头附近,陈先生牵着13岁的大儿子走在前面,老婆抱着一岁半儿子走在后面,看到西湖边景色不错,他老婆把小儿子放了下来,可能是拍照片比较投入,把小儿子落下了。“她就一路走一路拍,儿子就放在原地,我牵着大儿子走在前面,什么都不知道。”后来,陈先生老婆发现自己跟丢了老公,一回头,小儿子也不见了。“她就先沿路返回去找小儿子,好不容易找到小儿子,结果又找不到我们。”陈先生说。等到陈先生发现老婆不见了,已经往前走了一两千米的路,“她没带手机,没办法联系,我找了3个多小时,还没有找到,就打了110报警,接着又找到晚上12点多,还是没找到,大儿子太累了,我就先把他带回家了。”第二天早上6点多,陈先生赶紧又从临平回到西湖继续找老婆。直到第二天晚上6点多,陈先生才接到民警电话,说他老婆已经在湖滨派出所。“我报警时,把老婆照片、儿子照片给了派出所,到了派出所才知道,老婆和小儿子都在那里。”陈先生说,老婆是布依族,不会讲汉语,所以没办法求助。“老婆身上没带钱,走失那天晚上,她抱着小儿子在大街上睡觉,小儿子又饿又渴,开始哭了,被好心民警发现了,主动问我老婆情况,最后带到了派出所。”据杭州网相关的主题文章: