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Wenzhou many Internet users for security detention – Guangdong Channel – people.com.cn original title was spread rumors: Wenzhou Shuangyu houses collapsed due to many users security detention in Beijing in October 14, people.com.cn was spread rumors Shuangyu housing collapse (reporter Xiao Jinbo) October 10th, Zhejiang Wenzhou people housing collapse, causing users concern. According to the Wenzhou police informed, individual Internet users posted rumors related information on the Internet, the public security organs according to law punishable by detention. In October 10th, the central street of Wenzhou City Tu Cun, Lucheng District Shuangyu Street Central 157-159 No. 4 houses collapsed. The accident caused a total of 22 people were killed and 6 injured. According to 13, Wenzhou police informed, individual Internet users due to rumors of information posted on the Internet, was sentenced to public security organs according to law detention. 18:48 on October 10th, a netizen "abyss of fire on the 1995" in the "Wenzhou" Post Bar entitled "Wenzhou Shuangyu houses collapse rescue scene" thread multiple commented "I was in the accident occurred near", "the collapse of the building which lived under 100", "the death toll far more than 20" rumors. After investigation, the name of Jiangxi Ji personnel in Wenzhou crisis, he repeatedly spread rumors in the "Wenzhou Shuangyu houses collapse rescue scene" posts. In accordance with the provisions of article twenty-fifth (1) of the law of the People’s Republic of China on the administration of public security and punishment, the Public Security Bureau of Lucheng has disrupted the public order in the light of the fact that the Public Security Bureau has been sentenced to seven days of detention. 14:11 on October 11th, the netizen "Dan Lao201005" in micro-blog forward on the meeting of the Wenzhou city building collapse news conference information, and commented that "actually deceptive activities, at least more than and 100 people buried inside news said 20 people, my family lived next to", "I also feel strange, at night, a few house staff quarters with the collapse of factories and other rental, why less than 30 people?". After the Wenzhou police investigation, the Department of Internet users Xu Moumou Wenzhou published unconfirmed false comments, disrupting public order. According to the "People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" article twenty-fifth (a) of the regulations, the Lucheng Public Security Bureau to the fictional facts disturb the social order, to give Xu Moumou public security detention for five days. Wenzhou police tips, cyberspace is a public space, the network society is also the rule of law society. Social networking platform has a rapid spread, please do not arbitrarily forward without confirmation of the information, not malicious fabricated, walking false information. The criminal offence of intentional fabricating and spreading rumors and creating panic, disrupt the social public order, the police will be severely punished, not hesitate. Hope that the majority of Internet users to learn a lesson, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, do not pass rumors. (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章: