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Reference-and-Education If you are looking for a Florida vocational training, you might consider taking a welding class. Welding is a .mon way to connect pieces of metal. A welder will usually melt a consumable electrode to connect work pieces. Welding is used in automotive manufacturing, buildings, and machinery. A Few Things You Can Learn Through Welding Courses Metallurgy There are a number of different types of welding classes you might consider, each with a different focus. In a class about the basics of metallurgy, for example, you can learn about the basic science of metals. You’ll learn about the properties of different metals such as hardness, strength, and ductility. You’d also learn the difference between and how to distinguish ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This type of class also addresses the terms for metal structures and types of welds. How to Read Blueprints If you take a class about reading blueprints and welding symbols, you’ll learn to identify and interpret the symbols set forth by the AWS, the American Welding Society. This class focuses on drawing elements, scale, layout, and title blocks, which will teach you to take a systematic approach to reading blueprints. Handling the Materials Once you know the basics of metals and blueprints, you would move on to learning the fundamentals of welding fabrication. Your introductory class will teach the basics of different fabrication techniques, including set-up, jigs, fixtures, tack, plumb-bobs, levels, and machine elements. Also covered are the basics of drawing, such as drawing constructions and view placement. Basic Welding Techniques Once you’ve .pleted these welding training courses, you’ll be ready to move on to welding techniques. Your first class in welding techniques will generally focus on oxygen and gas processes. Learn basic safety for shops and construction sites, then you’ll move on to introductory lessons in oxyacetylene welding. The instruction covers cutting, storage, safe handling of the .pressed gas cylinders, and equipment set-up. Emphasis is usually placed on preparing the material and on properly adjusting the flames for welding and cutting. Tungsten Arc Welding Finally, you can learn about the principles of gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW). Here you’ll learn about power sources, the basics of GTAW, polarity, and high frequency usage. The class includes lectures on torch .ponents, set-up and safety for GTAW. A Career in Welding is Within Your Grasp Once you have mastered the basics of welding through these types of courses, you would be ready to start or expand your welding career. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: