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UnCategorized The defining characteristic of human beings is our ability to freely .municate and share knowledge with one another. Unfortunately, the knowledge we share with each other sometimes isn’t really knowledge at all but false and potentially damaging information. Having been a fitness enthusiast for more than 5 years I have heard all kinds of myths and misconceptions being preached as practical advice. Sometimes this misleading advice is basically benign and won’t harm your muscle building efforts. Other times, however, weight lifting fitness myths can actually prevent you from achieving the results that you have likely been working very hard for. Always remember to exercise .mon sense and your own intuition when taking advice from fellow weight lifters even if that individual happens to be a personal trainer or certified expert. Here are 3 muscle building lies that you may have encountered at some time or another: 1. No Pain, No Gain .. This one is actually half true. When an exercise is new or you have increased the amount of weight being lifted you will likely feel muscle pain in the effected area within a few hours of working out. But this is the only time you should feel pain from weight training. Feeling intense pain during a workout or chronic pain following a workout is not normal and is your body’s way of telling you somethings wrong. If you experience this kind of pain you should consider serious changes in your workout routine as you are likely putting yourself at very high risk for serious injury. 2. Steroids Will Help You Bulk Up Like A Balloon .. There is no such thing as a magic bullet that will grow muscle on your body without you having to lift a finger. Steroids will only grow muscle if taken in conjunction with a high intensity workout routine. At the same, a proper diet .bined with a few supplements will produce similar results but without the dangerous side effects of steroids. If taken for prolonged periods steroids can cause serious health problems including kidney failure which is often fatal. 3. Taking Time Off Will Cause You To Lose Your Muscle Gains .. I was once told that if you take more than a few days off from working out your body will begin to convert your muscle tissue into fat and thus reverse your muscle gains. Not only is this not true at all but taking a week off every 8-10 weeks is actually a good thing and will heal those small and perhaps unfelt injuries throughout your body. When you do take time off always mix in a couple of hours of cardio per week. 4. More Protein Means More Muscle .. It is true that you need lots of protein in your diet to build muscle but protein is not all important. To build muscle mass you need to stimulate muscles beyond their normal levels of resistance and take in more calories than you burn off. Muscles actually work on calories not on protein and the calories you do take in should be derived from carbohydrates. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: