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Arts-and-Entertainment The word says all about itself, so the wedding video is all about the capturing the photographs of marriage. It means the club of photos of the couple from the before wedding ceremony to the after wedding ceremony. Starting from the portrait of the couple the photographers will capture all of your life time moment. This tradition was started long years ago and the style is still the same but there is the same basic pattern. As time passes the technology is revolution and digital photography is the most popular and attractive is now days. Due to bulky equipment an issue in 19th century the wedding photography was a studio based business then over time as technology gets smarter the marriage picture album is getting better and .mon day by day. At the very begging of 20th century colour photography be.e available but still that was expensive. The concept of capturing of wedding event went popular after Second World War and earlier it was using film roll technology. As the technology evolved now you can find today digital SLR cameras. As the time went in modern era wedding photography is an art today and so there are sonu photo and video to the most intelligent team for now a days. Sonu photo and video are based in Australia and they do conduct wedding video capture and photography all part of Australia. Sydney is the one of most popular city in Australia and so sonu photo and video is also very popular in Sydney, they conduct marriage photography in Sydney and other part of the country successfully over the year. All the video grapher and photographer of this team are well trained and professional devoted and love their work. Australia is a very big large country and so the people also from Australia are very fancy and for that it is a challenging job for any team to arrange wedding video Sydney and other part of Australia. The team of sonu are very serious and dedicated about every single wedding ceremony mostly each ceremony gets one photographer but if the ceremony is very big the two or three people would be handle the party as you never seen before. They make your wedding moment alive for whole life through the video and the make as much copy you want of next time you thinking about marriage video shoot you must go with them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: