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Wanda business today in the Shanghai Stock Exchange to return to the end of the transaction A shares challenge Wanda Commercial delisting plan is being carried out in accordance with the established route. Today is the last trading day of the Hong Kong Commercial Bank in Hong Kong, at 16 o’clock on September 20th, Wanda business will be in Hong Kong stock exchange. Next, placed in front of Wanda business is a long way to return to A shares. Wanda business in August 29th issued a notice, said Wanda Commercial Bank has applied to the HKEx on the withdrawal of H shares listed on the HKEx in September 20th, and the application has been approved. The last trading day of H shares in HKEx is today. Landing in Hong Kong for less than two years, Wanda Commercial ship ready to ship this. In the announcement of the delisting of Wanda Commercial News, market analysis thinks, the main reason is because the delisting are not satisfied with the share price performance, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange liquidity shortage, so to more reasonable valuations, Wanda Commercial decided to return. It is worth mentioning that Wanda Commercial did not choose A+H as other enterprises do, but choose to give directly to the return of A shares H shares, market, showing its determination to certainty. Wanda business has also announced that after the completion of H shares privatization, A shares may have been issued to the China Securities Regulatory Commission to apply for, and will continue to consider the opportunity of A shares listed on H shares delisting. According to the previous Wanda privatization project plans to complete the book shows, Wanda Commercial Market in August 31, 2018. Wanda briefing also said that if the company before the delisting for two years or August 31, 2018 can not be listed in the domestic main board market, Dalian Wanda Group will repurchase shares, and to overseas and domestic investors were paid 12% and 10% interest. Wanda Commercial return to A shares have two alternative paths, one for the IPO queue, backdoor listing. But either way, the challenge is not small. The difficulty lies in the backdoor Wanda Commercial body is too big, can hold hundreds of billions of market value of shell resources almost does not exist; and the line IPO may need 2-3 years time, which for the time to market for Wanda Commercial, has become a race with time. From the current Wanda Commercial Information disclosed, compared to the backdoor, Wanda Commercial more interested in IPO. In November 13th last year, Wanda business has been on the official website of the Commission pre disclosure of the prospectus A shares, which intends to issue more than 250 million shares of the public offering of A shares, to raise funds of about $12 billion. In addition, in the last annual general meeting in May 25th, Wanda Commercial secretaries Xu Yong also said that Wanda Commercial return A shares will still be in the form of IPO. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: