Venice Chinese Film Forum Fire comedy and co Productions zhuxianduowan

Venice China Film Forum: Comedy and co productions will fire Tencent entertainment news should be how to write in the China and Italy? What are the potential in the case of the EU? Chinese film market will go? How to deal with censorship rules? What role does documentary play? Watercity Venice is like a raging fire of the Venice Film Festival, in addition to anticipated awards, September 2nd (local time), by the Venice Independent Film Festival unit "Venice day", dragon China EU Producers Association (Bridging the Dragon), the third "China Film Forum" organized by the spring and autumn dream culture Communication Co., etc. it is particularly striking. All the people in the film from Central Film Festival as an opportunity around the above topic, through workshops in "water city" launched a "thinking of the collision". Participate in the forum are veteran movie practitioners, such as Chinese declared Oscar for best foreign language film "go," screenwriter Yuan Yuan, "tumor Jun Tai" embarrassed screenwriter beam Hwan, "perfect strangers" director Paolo Genovese, also from the film and media industry heavyweights such as Long Yue, founder and vice president of Cristiano Bortone, with communication the board of directors and director Ji Wei, thunder two international communication CEO Lei Qilv, as well as the movie Academic Dean, deputy director of the office of Tongji University such as Italy Yu Zhou, College of Arts and media Tongji University professor Jü RG Neuenschwander. "Go," Jun tumor screenwriter Yuan Yuan, "embarrassed" Thai screenwriter beam Hwan in Central Europe, a win-win move beam Hwan said: "two kinds of movies have a chance in the Chinese Market: one is a comedy. Because many successful examples are about "grass root". Chinese people are very eager to succeed, no matter what their class, see more than their own people will not feel particularly funny. Two are co productions. Because many of the themes in China can not happen often in the overseas film. For example, the "Chinatown" of this movie." On CO productions, foreign filmmakers have never stopped exploring. Chinese co productions is a product in the 1980s, but also a way to China movie barbarians technology, Italy master Bertolucci film "the last emperor" is the representative of. In recent years, with the China to become the world’s second largest Piaocang, hot China film market has become the world producers and directors of the military a hotly contested spot. Data show that as of the end of 2015, signed a co production agreement with our country has reached 13, including Canada, Italy, Australia, France, New Zealand, Singapore, Belgium (French), Britain, South Korea, India, Spain, Malta, Holland. In foreign Co productions, obviously the number and importance of European coproductions. China has a huge market, adequate funding, Europe has advanced technology, mature talent, cooperation will be able to bring win-win results. Chinese film forum activities on the scene, the first to eat crab as the first institution by the Chinese film industry veteran co founded by the Producers Guild of dragon in this context came into being..相关的主题文章: