United States approved the sale of Taiwan mk48 Torpedo Station officials favorable to prevent the ma liuxiaobo

The United States approved the MK48 fish sales to Taiwan Lei Taiwan officials: favorable to prevent attack from the mainland original title: America Media: Taiwan’s defense ministry officials said the purchase of MK48 torpedo advantageous stop attack from the mainland according to the U.S. Defense News Network reported on September 10th in Taipei, Taiwan’s defense ministry official said, after years of delay, the United States finally approved of the sale of MK48 Taiwan heavy torpedo. Taiwan’s two combat attack submarines will be equipped with the advanced torpedo after upgrading their extended life. Taiwan purchased two made in Holland "dragon class submarines in late 80s (Holland zwaardvis MK2). The recent $20 million purchase of 32 UGM-84L (Harpoon Block II II harpoon type) will also enable the two Holland submarine submarine anti-ship missile combat effectiveness can be improved. Taiwan to the United States in 2008 put forward the purchase of UGM-84L II (Harpoon Block II harpoon) submarine anti-ship missile has been delivered in 2013. Data figure: "Taiwan made" plan in Taiwan according to the diagram of the submarine "Department of defense" news, Taiwan is still in the promotion of independent defense submarine (IDS) project from the 8 attack submarines. Taiwan’s defence ministry said a total of up to 10 ships MK48 torpedo and submarine launched harpoon anti-ship missile attack submarines, will produce the deterrent to the mainland. Make the mainland hesitate to attack taiwan.相关的主题文章: