Uncover the final answer to the Three Gorges project, the Three Gorges Dam installed super elevator 7470d

Uncover the mystery of Three Gorges Project dam with super lift installed on Three Gorges Dam "super lift" focus attention on a 5 dime, it stood on a metal table, motionless — this coin is "take" a ship lift, in the steep cliffs on both sides of the gear the huge rack drive, walk 113 meters gap, upstream from the high gorge of Pinghu, "climb" to the downstream dam. The day before, Chinese Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter to experience a "super lift" ship lift in the Three Gorges Dam, the greatest feeling is: rulvpingdi. In September 18th, known as the "Three Gorges ship lift ship lift" put into trial navigation, only about 10 minutes, 3000 ton ship can be completed nearly 40 storeys high vertical lifting ships passing time of about 40 minutes. This is currently the world’s largest gear-rack type vertical shiplift, writing the world ship lift on the stage of the Three Gorges ship lift construction samples, engraved in the history of Chinese speed, more to break the last three gorges project in history ". The maximum lift of Three Gorges ship lift has experienced a tortuous process, or rehabilitation, known as the Three Gorges Project "final answer", eye-catching. As one of the Three Gorges permanent navigation facilities, the Three Gorges ship lift is fast passing passenger wheel and special ships, can improve the navigation of the Three Gorges project scheduling flexibility and navigation guarantee ability to a certain extent. The world’s largest ship lift, the preliminary design in the last century, 50s. In 1993 through the review, based on the consideration of safety and reliability, in May 1995 the State Council Three Gorges Project Construction Committee decided to postpone the Three Gorges shiplift, re planning and designing. After 8 years, the Three Gorges Project Construction Committee agreed to the establishment of the Three Gorges ship lift gear-rack scheme, thus opening the ship lift construction journey. Today, the construction of the Three Gorges project, the final answer is finally opened, running through the two words: security. Experts explained that the ship lift construction in the Yangtze River Three Gorges project high head, the ship size, especially the lifting height, lifting weight, downstream water level has greatly exceeded the gear-rack type vertical ship lift has been built in the world, such a "big man" of the ship lift, no basic standards can be for reference in the construction, the design, manufacture, installation and construction, such as a stumbling block, lie in front of. No standard, then set up their own rules". And when he was deputy general manager of the Three Gorges group Yang Qingli under the rules of the harsh, in order to participate in the ship lift construction team, and even the industry speechless. The most stringent design is located in the top of the "zero accident" standard, namely any special circumstances, such as the sinking ship, all the water leakage accident air condition, ship lift to ensure safety. Yang Qing left behind relentless: "whether earthquakes, fires, floods, power outages in any case, the Three Gorges ship lift never can cause people trapped or hurt because of their own reasons." Yang Qing calm and sensible to say that the development of this "absolute" principle, is not a simple high standards and strict requirements, but not emotional Li相关的主题文章: