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Trump when the president of the United States to travel to the United States is good? After the Sohu tourism Trump in the United States election miraculously wins, many love travel friend asked me, this should not change some American dollars, after traveling to the United States, and so on will be more easy to visa, because you said before when bragging, if I am an American, I will choose Trump because he is a a successful businessman, certainly will be very pragmatic style, know how to take good care of the welfare of the people, and not to play with some of the political means, he may be different from the political elite in the traditional way, the introduction of more general public service policy, now that he won, at the same time, the Republicans maintain control of the house and Senate, Trump’s political views are more likely to be implemented. According to some of his comments during the Trump campaign, talk about the United States in the era of Trump, what will be the impact of Chinese tourists travel to the United states. 1, the United States may improve travel safety. Trump advocates for illegal immigrants will be zero tolerance, the repatriation of all illegal immigrants, will stay in the United States 11 million "black immigrants deported, even in the United States and Mexico which will build a 1300 Mile Border blocking wall, these views are that strengthen the security issues in the United States domestic security trump will, will tend to be good; at the same time, he believes that the focus will no longer maintain stable on the overseas, should vigorously reduce the United States in the overseas expansion of military security, and will improve relations with Russia, and some other countries to fight a lot less, indirect show may increase the safety of the United states. 2, perhaps travel to the United States to review more stringent. Trump’s idea of zero tolerance for illegal immigrants, if the number of illegal immigrants may have to go to prison, the United States and Europe have been suspended to launch terrorist attacks against the United States and regions immigration. Prior to this, although the United States for ten years Chinese tourist visa, but the introduction of a new regulation, since November 2016, you must update the EVUS data obtained by order entry, also must complete the EVUS in the passport number changes, is already ten years of visa discounted, after the Trump administration, will strengthen the implementation of "the security review" the maximum of immigrants, specifically on visa and entry of more stringent review, may be refused to travel to the United States will increase the proportion of. 3, in the United States may increase the cost of tourist accommodation services. Despite Trump’s commitment to a comprehensive tax cut, the U.S. personal income tax rate will be reduced from 39.6% to $33%, but will only increase the wealth of the American people, will not lower prices. At the same time, due to the protection of Americans in terms of employment, Trump promised 25 million new jobs jobs in the next 10 years, this initiative increased American industries the cost of human resources must be reflected in the United States to travel consumption, accommodation and other travel services will be more expensive. 4, travel to the United States will be more expensive shopping. Trump advocated the strengthening of trade law enforcement, is to take the local trade protectionism, known as the "unfair dumping and subsidies," the state imposed punitive tariffs, but also on the Chinese commodity levy 4.相关的主题文章: