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Travel-and-Leisure Capital of the French Department of the Haute Garonne and administrative center of the region of the Midi-Pyrenees, Toulouse is one of the largest and most important cities in France. It’s ancient name is Tolosa in the Occitan language. But to the French, perhaps a more familiar name for the city is "la ville rose" (or "the pink city"). The reason for this seemingly unusual name will be immediately apparent to all visitors to the town, since most of the buildings are constructed in a flamboyant pink brick, typical of the region. Toulouse is situated at 141m above sea level on the banks of the river Garon, with its source in the nearby Pyrenees mountains, which on clear days are easily visible to the south. Its location centrally located in southern France means that Toulouse is subject to both Mediterranean and Oceanic influences, thus it has a temperate climate, mild in autumn and hot and dry in summer. Typical of this part of south-west France, Toulouse is crossed by three major winds: a north wind, a west wind and a south-easterly wind. The west wind blows from the Atlantic and brings with it moist air and rainfall. The northerly wind, much less frequent than the other two, is cold but very dry. But perhaps the most well-known and prevalent wind is that from the south-east, regularly known by its name the "Autan". This wind is dry and hot, but it also possesses some interesting side effects. The locals often refer to it as the "devil’s wind" or the "crazed wind", since its effect on the minds of many whose paths it crosses, both humans and animals. So tourists beware! Toulouse isn’t just a thriving, bustling city, it’s also a major European center of technology, home to industries including aeronautics, aerospace, medicine and also telecommunications. Indeed Toulouse is considered to be the European capital of the aerospace industry. Yet the city continues to diversify into ever more areas. Much of this is of course due to it being home to a major university, the second largest after that of Paris. Toulouse is also the proud owner of several major historical and architectural features, the oldest being the Pont-Neuf bridge, and then of course there is the world-famous Canal du Midi, both dating from the seventeenth century. Next, and perhaps most impressive, is the huge Capitole building, built in the eighteenth century. For those interested in industrial history, Toulouse was a major pioneer in aviation, with links to names such as Jean Mermoz and Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The renowned Aerospatiale company set up there in 1927. Toulouse is also home of the French national center for weather prediction. This meteorological center was set up in Toulouse in 1982 and is now responsible for the prediction of weather patterns for the entire country. Another feature of Toulouse, as witnessed by the many little shops found throughout the city, is that it a center for violets. Violets are cultivated around the whole Toulouse region both for the flowers themselves and for their perfume. Violets, violet sweets, violet flowers and violet fragrances abound throughout the city. A city boasting a rich heritage, a major French center of culture with many museums and festivals, known throughout France and indeed the whole of Europe, Toulouse is today a major tourist destination. In Toulouse, it’s impossible to avoid contact with cultural centers, such as the Congress Center, the Mediatheque Jose Cabanis, the Zenith, The Abattoirs museum of modern art, the "Cite de l’Espace" and the National Theatre. The Capitole museum with its superb "Salle des Illustres" is a necessary visit! As for the "Cite de l’Espace", it will uncover for you a fascinating world, by using animations such as the re-creation of a part of the Russian space station "Mir", an "Ariane" rocket, and especially through the amazing spectacle of the IMAX 3D cinema and the planetarium, a real astronomical simulator. This is really impressive stuff! The "Theatre du Capitole" provides an unforgettable encounter with the "Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse", which has an international reputation in the domain of classical music, and has become one of the foremost orchestras in the world under the direction of the conductor Michel Plasson. It is now under the artistic direction of Tugan Sokhiev. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: