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.munications For the college and university student any school apps you can get your hands on can be a real help. The trouble is trying to sort through the many school apps can to determine which are good and which are bad, is simply too time consuming. Here are the top 5 back to school apps for students that can help you stay on top of your education. Lecture Fox You go to school to learn but these days you can often learn more online, thanks to many of universities offering their lectures online. Lectures topics include .puter science, physics, chemistry, and many more. School apps are supposed to help you with your studies and that’s exactly what this one does. Snapter Having a scanner can be costly and require space you just don’t have. Snapter lets you take a picture of your document. Then the software cleans it up and faxes it off for you. Convenient it is. It’s not free but you do get to play with it for 14 days to see if you like it. PocketMod Student apps like this are why students seek out these apps. This great little app offers you your only personal pocket notebook. You can customize each page and even print the pages. It works great as a scheduler. EasyBib Doing a research paper is tough. Getting the citations right is critical and it’s a lot of work to build a bibliography. EasyBib is a tool you’ll want to have if you do research papers because it automatically will create citations for you based on information you provide. That information could be a book, newspaper, or website. Once you bibliography is built you can export it to other formats. FBPurity Facebook is beneficial but it is also the biggest time waster for many students. You can easily be.e distracted and find yourself wasting time on some of the many apps that distract and are often addictive. FPPurity intervenes and hides the game invitations as well as other distractions. You get to choose what to hide and what you want to see. It’s a fabulous school apps tool to keep you focused and using your time wisely. DropBox If you’re saving you school files to a .puter there’s always the risk of those files damaged or destroyed. This usually happens at the worst time, such as the day before you were going to hand in that term paper. Dropbox is a tool that helps to keep your files safe from theft, nasty roommates, and technological meltdown. It’s simply a must have in the world of school apps. Amazon Student Most of you are already familiar with Amazon, one of the best places to find the cheapest prices. US college student are able to get an Amazon Prime membership for free. Why do you care? Well because it gives you 2 day shipping free, so when you need school materials in a hurry it’s never a problem. The number of student apps available is endless and many are free. So why wait? It’s time to find student apps that can make your life easier and maybe a little bit more fun. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: