Tod’s double T across the street coffee fringed bag, fashionable fashion _ treasure _ PW wegener肉芽肿

Tod’s Double T | across the street coffee fringed bag, fashionable fashion _ PW treasure _ "package" to cure all diseases in such cold weather still, only to burn the bag inside the hot, small is not to say that many sister paper heart! The cold so be caught off guard waved to us, but I still want to bend a shape, beautiful out ~ ~ this fall winter poser, how can a fall TOD’S Double T the evil wind! TOD’S2016 Double T winter series bag appeared, it is doomed to a IT bag Tod’sDouble recently T package is across the street, it seems blew a evil wind, everyone in the poison have back up, Yang Mi, Liu Wen, Zheng Xiujing…… To put it in the autumn and winter of ~~TOD’S2016 series [Tod’s] Double T explosion models show the most popular elements of tassel and knitting elements combine to not want fashionable! The metal chain and the gypsy wind Su Sui complement each other, with the pace of spike flow gently swing ~ ~ don’t look at small package, people is complete, and the same number of zipper compartment! It is Virgo OCD girls gospel, don’t have to worry about the bag inside a mess ~ ~ magnetic button is not intimate Da ~ ~ double T metal logo+ woven leather wear line design, retro design with full chain strap, length of switch, a pack of two hand size back ~ ~ good Tod’s Double T ladies Satchel material: selection of leather (fabric lining with 2 internal compartments, 1 zipper compartment pocket, 1 zipper pockets) size: 22 x 16 x 7 cm block leather adjustable shoulder strap: about double back 24cm, single back [LOOK] 45cm fashionable coffee classic color collocation, completely no pressure ~~1 retro Brown temperament elegant Wuli Liu Shishi TOD S DOUBLE T back ‘retro brown, a body with collocation, breath is wiped, charming girl~~ or be Jiang Shuying long legs seconds ~ ~ shirt and jeans, complex The ancient TOD S DOUBLE T ‘Brown more silent style~~ was long legs child, small heart only envy envy ~ ~ and poetry and Jiang Shuying LOOK, Wuli large power power collocation with TOD’ S DOUBLE T, the more handsome yo! Gas wood ~ Xiaobian can not believe this is a child mother figure, Zhang Zilin white fur warm black and white striped skirt and white shoes collocation is minimalist fashion sense. Fashion blogger YuYu TOD, "S DOUBLE T TOD S’ collocation sweater, retro autumn is so beautiful ~ ~ personality hair fashion icon flower teacher, blue and white striped shirt and denim shorts are lining edge sanding cool," TOD S Double T handbag but again to a lady. Young artists exclusive camera, the quiet Avenue, shot smiled, cousin Liu Wen, the scene not too retro tone and brown with all ~ ~ ~ oh相关的主题文章: