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Marketing-Direct Almost thirty years ago, when the first personal .puters were being sold, the experts said that PCs would eliminate the need for paper and printed materials. In fact, PCs created the need for more paper. Now they are saying in this new digital age that for sure you can eliminate paper and print. It may be true in some instances, but nothing is more intrusive than print marketing. Direct mail and door hangers put your .panys material 100% of the time in the hands of prospective customers. There are no spam filter/blockers and email delivery problems in the mailbox or on the doorstep. And BAM your prospect has your door hanger and with it your message DIRECTLY in their hands. Door Hangers Offer Better Targeting You can target service areas and maximize in.e by eliminating drive time. For industries like HVAC, pest control, landscaping and lawn care, alarm and home security and other similar type industries door hangers offer a way maximize in.e. The Five-By-Five Door Hanger Marketing Strategy The five-by-five door hanger marketing strategy consists of marketing in the area or neighborhood your .pany is currently working in. When your service personnel have finished working in a neighborhood, they take 15 minutes and distribute door hangers to five homes on either side of house they just serviced. This allows you build service areas and saturate customer visits in a particular area. Your service people are not making money when they are driving to a customers house, so by having multiple customers in neighborhood they can service more customers in one day. How to Incentivize the Distbutrition of Your Door Hangers One of the .plaints I hear from business owners is that they cannot get service employees to go out and hang door hangers. The way to get employees to distribute door hangers is to give them an incentive to do so. For example, design the door hangers so that there is a space in which the employee can write their name. When a prospect calls in from the door hanger the employee passed out, give them a cash rewardlets say $10and if the customer buys, give the employee $50 cash. Of course you would have to adjust the reward based on your industry, but this is a very effective way to get your door hangers distributed. At every staff meeting be sure to praise and reward employees for passing out the door hangers. This will get everyones attention and put the proper emphasis on the importance of distributing door hangers to help promote and grow the business. A Note on Design of Your Door Hangers You have as much time as you do with a direct mail postcard as you do with a door hanger to get the attention of the prospect. They prospect needs to be able to look at your door hanger and see instantly what is in it for him. A strong headline with a .pelling special and a buy now offer is vital. Also, be sure to include a QR code on your door hanger. QR codes allow you take advantage of smart phone shoppers and direct them to a landing page on your website. Another way to .bine digital and print marketing on door hangers is to lead customers to your social media pages with QR codes. Give prospects an incentive to like or follow you on Facebook and Twitter. Vital Information on Cost of Door Hangers Never has it been more affordable to print full color door hangers than in the digital age. With full color, digital printing you can create and print door hangers in quantities as low as a couple hundred to thousands. The most .mon sizes of door hangers are the standard 3.5 x 8.5 or the jumbo 4 x 11. Keeping with these two sizes you can save money on your printing and promotional costs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: