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Travel-and-Leisure It’s no secret that there are thousands of people out there who want nothing more than to get out from under their timeshare properties. The reason for the consumers to want to sell their timeshare properties varies from them just not using their timeshare properties to inability to afford to keep their timeshare properties anymore. Sadly, because the majority of Americans who want nothing more than to get out from under their timeshares are elderly people, they’ve be.e a great target for timeshare resale scams. In the old days, if someone called on the phone then they were usually worth talking to. No one would ever think that a scam would take place over the telephone. These days, this has changed. This is why it’s important for consumers who own timeshares to know what to look for when they answer the phone! Before consumers are able to precisely decipher the difference between a scam caller and a helpful corporation, it is important that these consumers know what is going on in the timeshare sales market. As a result of astonishing expansion of timeshare developers over the past few decades and financial hardship forcing consumers to want nothing more than to sell their timeshares over the past several years, there has been a quickly growing number of timeshares added to the sales market. This increased the supply of timeshare properties to the consumers lowering the cost of purchasing timeshares. Also, as a result of the wide spread financial recession that we have been facing throughout the past few years, the consumer demand for luxury items such as timeshares has dropped drastically. With that said, it is almost impossible to even sell a timeshare property in this market let alone, generate a profit off of the timeshare. With that said, here are a few things to watch out for if a representative calls representing a timeshare property resale .pany: 1. I already have a buyer for you: One of the ways that con-artists scam consumers is by placing a call that starts with I already have a buyer for your timeshare. This statement alone is powerful enough to grab the attention of many Americans. Lets be honest, with so many consumers desiring the sale of their timeshares, it only makes sense that such a huge claim like this would grab a huge amount of attention. The sad reality is that if a caller says anything that even insinuates that they already had a buyer for a timeshare before they made the call, chances are, this representative represents a scam! 2. You will make thousands: This is another statement that is often made by representatives of scam based .panies. It is obvious after a simple understanding of the market that making money off of a timeshare these days is almost impossible! 3. Unavailable Caller ID: Fortunately, there are many laws that protect Americans from telephone based scams. With that said, no scam .pany wants to show who they are on caller ID the legal implications would be too much to face. Therefore, as consumers, it’s imperative to look at the caller ID when answering a solicitation phone call! Another fortunate side of this whole thing is that there are indeed several legitimate .panies that can help relieve the burden of timeshare ownership. Below, I have included a several links to trusted .panies! However, don’t take anyone’s word for it! It is crucial that consumers always do their research before making a decision regarding how they are going to get rid of their. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: