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What should the civil servants pay attention to this year? Before entering the examination, this information needs to be understood: in 2015 and 2016, can college graduates apply for the status of graduates? Answer: 2015, 2016 college graduates not to implement the work unit, the registered permanent residence, archives, organizational relationships are retained in primary school, or retained in the competent departments at all levels of employment of graduates (Graduate Employment Guidance Service Center), all levels of talent exchange service organizations and the public employment service agencies, according to the 2017 college graduates apply for. In addition, in Shanxi province "selection college-graduate village official work", "rural compulsory education school teachers in special post plan", "three help" and "GWP" service expires, assessment of qualified and meet for the grass-roots project staff positions of the staff, the retired full-time student soldiers. Can be treated as graduates in 2017. Question: how to define the "grassroots work experience" in the position of applying for an examination? Answer: recruitment requirements require grass-roots work experience, candidates must have. The grass-roots work experience is in and below the county level party and government organs, state-owned enterprises and institutions, the village (community) organizations and other economic organizations, social organizations and other work experience; in the military mission and the equivalent group of the following work experience; self occupation and management experience; the employment of college graduates leave school to college graduate internship bases to practice or to enterprises and institutions to participate in research projects experience, can be regarded as a grass-roots work experience. The social practice experience of graduating students during school can not be regarded as grass-roots work experience. When preparing for the examination, we should seriously ask: the written examination is the first pass of the civil service exam, should the examinee prepare from several aspects? Answer: the test subject is mainly the "administrative ability test" and "Shen". "Administrative ability test" requires an average of 50 seconds to complete a problem, the demand for time control is very high. It is recommended that you do find out their own level and weak test items. The selection of a system of teaching materials such as learning, figure is very good, repeated reading of heavy and difficult; half a month before the examination in accordance with the time and standard exercise test Zhenti, each module of the review results and training room feeling; the final sprint stage, before their mistakes together to practice the purpose of the exam sprint. "Proposal" to review the reading and writing and thinking. Pay attention to people’s livelihood, economy, culture and other aspects of social hot spots, look at the news; multi pen practice Zhenti, summed up the thinking, thinking and methods to solve their own in the practice. In addition, usually to accumulate more official more standardized expression is also very important, can not be colloquial too serious. In short, the preparation is a phased, systematic thing, candidates need to seriously prepare for the exam, do not have luck. Q: for the recruitment situation this year, candidates should pay attention to the preparation of what details? Answer: this year, the national civil service examination in the Jin position of the national tax, the CBRC, the railway public security recruitment quantity is still more, but this year the railway public security requirements must be undergraduate or above education. National civil service examination competition daily

今年国家公务员报考 该注意啥?   报考前这些信息要了解   问:2015年、2016年普通高校毕业生可否以应届毕业生的身份报考?   答:2015年、2016年普通高校毕业生未落实工作单位,其户口、档案、组织关系保留在原毕业学校,或保留在各级毕业生就业主管部门(毕业生就业指导服务中心)、各级人才交流服务机构和各级公共就业服务机构的,可按2017年应届高校毕业生报考。此外,参加山西省“选聘大学生村官工作”、“农村义务教育阶段学校教师特设岗位计划”、“三支一扶”、“大学生志愿服务西部计划”等服务期满、考核合格且符合报考“服务基层项目人员专门职位”的人员,退役的全日制大学生士兵,可按2017年应届毕业生对待。   问:报考职位中的“基层工作经历”如何界定?   答:招考职位要求有基层工作经历,报考人员必须具备。基层工作经历是指具有在县级及以下党政机关、国有企事业单位、村(社区)组织及其他经济组织、社会组织等工作的经历;在军队团和相当于团以下单位工作过的经历;自谋职业、个体经营经历;离校未就业高校毕业生到高校毕业生实习见习基地参加见习或者到企事业单位参与项目研究的经历,可视为基层工作经历。应届毕业生在校期间的社会实践经历不能视为基层工作经历。   备考时复习准备要认真   问:笔试是公务员考试的第一关,考生应该从那几个方面准备?   答:考试科目主要是《行政能力测验》和《申论》。《行政能力测验》需要平均50秒做完一题,对时间控制要求很高。建议大家先做真题摸清自己的水平和薄弱项。挑选一套系统的教材认真学习,比如华图的教材就非常好,对重难点反复研读;考前的半个月按照考场的时间和标准练习真题,检验各模块的复习效果并培养考场的感觉;最后冲刺阶段,把自己之前的错题集中起来反复练习,达到考前冲刺的目的。《申论》复习要多看、多写、多想。关注社会民生、经济、文化等方面社会热点,多看时事报道;多提笔练习真题,多总结思考,在练习过程中培养自己的思维和做题方法。另外平时要多积累一些官方较为规范的表达也很重要,不能口语化太严重。总之,备考是一个阶段性、系统性的的事情,考生需要认真备考,不要有侥幸心理。   问:针对今年的招考情况,考生备考还需注意哪些细节?   答:今年国家公务员考试在晋岗位中的国税、银监、铁路公安的招考量依然比较多,但今年铁路公安要求必须为本科及以上学历。国家公务员考试竞争日趋激烈。在选报职位、备考复习上都容不得半点闪失,甚至选对职位比考高分还重要。很多考生不知道自己所学学科属于哪个专业类别,所学专业与职位的专业类别要求不符,在初审和面试资格复审时被刷,非常遗憾,所以大家报名前一定仔细阅读《专业分类目录》。来源:山西晚报相关的主题文章: