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There are about 4 people in Jiaxing who have a stroke and become younger and younger. Stroke is also known as a "stroke", also known as stroke". Autumn and winter season, the temperature plummeted, blood vessels become sensitive to temperature, very easy to cause strokes. Today is World Stroke Day, this year’s theme is concerned about the risk of stroke in middle-aged people". What kind of disease is stroke in the end? What is the incidence of Jiaxing? What are the early signs of it? How to prevent stroke? Reporters interviewed the Jiaxing CDC and Jiaxing Second Hospital neurology experts. The incidence of the disease was higher than that of the male, and the mortality rate was second in all the death causes of the residents in Jiaxing city in 2015, and the death rate of cerebrovascular diseases accounted for about 17.20% of all deaths. Stroke is a common type of acute cerebrovascular disease, which is a disease caused by a sudden rupture of the brain’s blood vessels or a blockage in the blood that does not flow into the brain. In the Department of Neurology, Jiaxing Second Hospital, more than 60% of patients are stroke patients. "More and more patients with stroke, from the clinical point of view, men slightly more than women." Jiaxing Second Hospital, director of the Department of internal medicine, Zhang Xiaoling, director of Neurology, told reporters that the hospital set up more and more patients with stroke prevention clinics. From the statistical data, from 2011 to 2014, the incidence of stroke in Jiaxing showed an increasing trend year by year, in 2015 remained stable. According to statistics, from 2011 to 2014 in Jiaxing City, stroke stroke report for 11 thousand and 200 cases, 11 thousand and 600 cases, 12 thousand and 500 cases and 13 thousand and 100 cases respectively, the reported incidence rate were 3 million 274 thousand and 10, 3 million 386 thousand and 710, 3 million 616 thousand and 410, 3 million 775 thousand and 310. A total of 13 thousand and 60 cases were reported in 2015, with a reported incidence of 3 million 742 thousand and 810. In other words, there are about 4 people in Jiaxing who have a stroke, and the incidence of stroke in Jiaxing is slightly higher than the average level of Zhejiang province in 2015 (3 million 413 thousand and 110). In 2015, the incidence of the disease to keep up with a relatively flat year, from the current statistical data this year, the overall incidence of stroke is still showing a trend of growth." Jiaxing CDC chronic disease prevention and control section chief Ma Jun analysis. In addition, from the gender point of view, in 2015, the incidence of male reported in Jiaxing was 4 million 66 thousand and 10, female was 3 million 429 thousand and 310, and the incidence of male was higher than that of female. In this regard, Zhang Xiaoling believes that this has a bad habit of smoking and men have a relationship. "Smoking, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and significantly overweight were the major risk factors." After 40 years of age, the incidence rate increased slowly after the age of 60 to accelerate the rise of a lot of people think that stroke is a disease of the elderly, but this is not the case, and now more and more young patients with stroke. Therefore, middle-aged people are also concerned about the group. According to the city center for Disease Control and statistics, stroke incidence increased with age, 40 years old began to rise, after the age of 60 rise faster. 44 – 45 years old, 49 – 40.相关的主题文章: