The world is waiting for it to open! A good start in the year of the monkey or have

The world is waiting for it to open! A shares in the year of the monkey opener or difficult Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client: speed Kanpan the most profitable investors in return for the Spring Festival holiday, the holiday was found outside the stock market has fallen into a "dog" hedging model in global financial markets open strong, in addition to safe haven assets such as gold, equities, commodities and other risky assets in 2016 since the same period in the history of the decline has been quietly refresh the worst performance, and for the upcoming year trading of A stock market, perhaps also can hardly be optimistic. During the festival the comprehensive news, the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen congressional hearing testimony despite the overall bias "Dove", but the "Dove" degree is obviously lower than market expectations, market expectations of Fed rate hike in March dropped to the freezing point, the dollar, U.S. stocks go down, did not stop the decline in risk assets. At the same time, Deutsche Bank in 2015 earnings huge loss of the message is on the financial market has sounded the alarm, the stock price decline since 2016 has been more than 30%, worries about the European banking asset quality rapidly warming, the soaring price of CDS. The negative interest rate policy implemented before the Japanese Central Bank opened the crash mode only three days after the rise of the stock market. Apart from the market expectation, the market interpretation caused by the change of the economic situation has become an important reason for the poor policy results. Although some factors from the above point of view, it seems are not conducive to the A stock market news, but with the falling dollar, devaluation of the RMB exchange rate pressure in rapid relief, during the exchange rate of RMB offshore market Festival appreciation trend is to prove that this may alleviate the A stock market opening negative pressure to a certain extent. In the light of the above aspects, the probability of low opening of stock index on the first day of A in monkey year is higher, and the low opening range will have a greater impact on the trend of stock index day. If there is a significant fall apart, then copy the chassis appear time or in advance, to stabilize the stock index time is also relatively more, although all day long stock may have declined, but the chart candle appeared greater probability. If the stock index opened lower amplitude, it is likely to continue to decline trend, even if the stock appears to stabilize the follow-up, all day long Yin K line appears probability will be greater. From the plate trend, gold prices soared during the holiday season will significantly boost gold stocks trend, this is probably the most determined in the year the first day of trading will be sought after by the market sector, during the festival the film hot might also lead film related concept stocks strong trend, before the real estate policy stimulus after the introduction of real estate stocks is tepid will appear compensatory growth trend is also worth observing, but on the whole, the year of the monkey A shares in the first trading day to start the trend of the difficulty is not small, investors must be prepared. In terms of the overall trend of A shares in the year of monkey, under the current global weak economic situation, although it is unlikely to re emerge bull market, but the structural market may still exist. As long as the supply side reforms to promote the smooth, overcapacity can continue clearing, A stock market of local Niugu still might, on this

全球都在等它开盘!A股猴年开门红或有难度 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   春节休假归来,赫然发现长假期间境外股市已然跌成“狗”,全球金融市场避险模式强力开启,除了黄金等避险资产之外,股市、商品等风险资产2016年以来的跌幅已悄然刷新历史同期最差表现,而对于即将开启猴年交易的A股市场而言,或许也同样难言乐观。   综合节日期间的消息面来看,美联储主席耶伦国会听证会上的证词尽管整体偏“鸽派”,但其“鸽派”程度显然低于市场预期,市场对联储3月加息的预期降至冰点,美元、美股顺势下行,风险资产跌势未止。与此同时,德意志银行2015年财报巨亏的消息更是对金融市场敲响了警钟,其股价2016年以来的跌幅已然超过三成,市场对于欧洲银行业资产质量的担忧急剧升温,使得其相关CDS价格飙升。而日本央行节前实施的负利率政策,在仅仅带动股市上涨三天之后就开启了暴跌模式,在出乎市场预料之余,经济形势变化带来的市场解读差异成为了导致其政策效果不佳的重要原因。   尽管从以上一些因素来看,似乎都是不利于A股市场的消息,但随着美元汇率的走低,人民币汇率贬值的压力也在快速缓解,人民币离岸市场汇率节日期间的升值走势就是证明,这或许可以在一定程度上缓解A股市场开市时的利空压力。   综合上述各方面的情况,猴年A股开盘首日股指出现低开的概率较高,而低开的幅度或将对股指当天的走势产生较大影响。如果出现大幅跌开,则抄底盘出现的时间或将提前,给股指走稳留出的时间也相对较多,尽管全天股指可能走跌,但日K线图出现阳线概率较大。相反如果股指低开幅度较低,则很可能出现继续下跌走势,后续即便股指出现走稳,全天K线出现阴线的概率也会更大。   而从板块走势来看,节日期间金价的飙升将明显提振黄金股板块的走势,这或许是最为确定的在猴年首个交易日中会受到市场追捧的板块,节日期间电影票房的火爆或许也会带动相关影视概念个股走势较强,节前地产刺激政策出台后地产股走势不温不火是否会出现补涨走势也值得观察,但就整体而言,猴年A股首个交易日出现开门红走势难度不小,对此投资者要有所准备。   就A股猴年的整体走势而言,在目前全球整体疲软的经济形势之下虽然不太可能再度出现牛市行情,但结构性行情出现的可能还是存在的。只要供给侧改革能够顺利推进,过剩产能能够持续出清,A股市场出现局部牛股的情况仍存可能,这或许就需要投资者深练内功,从细节入手去挖掘了。不管A股猴年是出现“N”型、“V”型还是“W”型走势,只要不是持续下跌,总有牛股充分表现的时间段,而自下而上的选股方法将是猴年投资者战胜市场的最好方法! 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: