The woman on the head injury repeatedly bulge accidentally discovered a rare cancer marie digby

The woman on the head injury repeatedly bulge accidentally discovered a rare cancer when doing housework accidentally hit the foot of the bed, the head of a bag and take longer, to the hospital after the treatment of bruises, after more than a local matchmaker began to bulge. Aunt Rong underwent surgery after a week was waiting, yesterday got the disease inspection results: lymphoma is a rare central nervous system, then she was transferred to the Department of hematology for treatment. 57 year old aunt Rong retired at home, she knelt on the ground floor when she hit the foot of the bed on the foot of the bed, immediately on the forehead of a pack of 3. Aunt Rong did not care too much. Did not expect the package longer, foot egg, it ran to a nearby community hospital, a doctor on the spot out of the dark blood more than and 20 ml. Swelling just over a month, Rong aunt found old place again summoned the package. She found something wrong, she quickly found Wuhan No.1 Hospital Department of neurosurgery. MRI allows the doctor was shocked: the brain fist big a shadow, the skull seemed to be bug eaten as the boundary is blurred. Only craniotomy can determine the good and evil of the tumor, and the hematoma can be cleaned more cleanly. Department of Neurosurgery director Wu Jinglei surgeon to do the surgery aunt rong. Yesterday, the results confirmed that the disease is diffuse large B cell lymphoma of the central nervous system, has violated the skull. "This is a rare malignant lymphoma of the nervous system." Wu Jinglei introduction, this disease is good hair 40-60 years old crowd, the condition of rapid development in six months. Early headache, vomiting, lethargy, some people will change the character. After the operation, the patient’s survival time can be 3-5 years. He pointed out, and Never mind lymphoma and trauma Rong aunt, she just happened to be injured head will discover. Wu Jinglei reminded, once the head of the mass of a long time without swelling, must as soon as possible to the hospital to do the head CT examination, in order to avoid misdiagnosis.相关的主题文章: