The woman on the head injury repeatedly bulge accidentally discovered a rare cancer-autobots

The woman on the head injury repeatedly bulge accidentally discovered a rare cancer when doing housework accidentally hit the foot of the bed, the head of a bag and take longer, to the hospital after the treatment of bruises, after more than a local matchmaker began to bulge. After undergoing a week’s apprehension, Rong aunt got the result of the disease: rare neurological lymphoma, and then she was transferred to the Department of hematology for treatment. 57 year old Rong aunt retired home, 3 months ago, she knelt on the ground to wipe the floor, hit the foot of a bed, a bulge immediately on the forehead. Aunt Rong didn’t care too much. Did not expect the package longer, foot egg, it ran to a nearby community hospital, a doctor on the spot out of the dark blood more than 20 ml. Swelling only more than a month, Rong aunt found that the old place once again muster up the bag. Find out something wrong, she quickly found Wuhan No.1 Hospital Department of neurosurgery. MRI allows the doctor was shocked: the brain fist big a shadow, the skull seemed to be bug eaten as the boundary is blurred. Only craniotomy can determine the good or bad of the tumor, hematoma can be cleaned more clean. Department of Neurosurgery director Wu Jinglei surgeon to do the surgery aunt rong. Yesterday, the disease confirmed that it was diffuse large B cell lymphoma of the central nervous system, which had invaded the skull. "This is a rare malignant lymphoma of the nervous system." Wu Jinglei introduced, the disease occurs 40-60 year old people, the disease in the rapid development within half a year. Early headache, vomiting, lethargy, and some people will change character. After active and standard radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the survival time of the patients can reach 3-5 years. He pointed out that Aunt Rong’s lymphoma had nothing to do with the trauma, but it was only when she knocked her head that she could find it in time. Wu Jinglei reminds, once the head of the packet for a long time without swelling, must go to the hospital as soon as possible to head CT and other checks, so as not to miss diagnosis.

女子头部磕伤反复鼓包 意外发现罕见癌症做家务时不小心撞到床脚,头上鼓起个包并越长越大,到医院处理后消了肿,过了一个多月老地方又开始鼓包。接受了手术的荣阿姨经过一周的忐忑等待,昨天拿到了病检结果:罕见的神经系统淋巴瘤,随后她被转入血液科接受治疗。57岁的荣阿姨退休在家,3个月前她跪在地上擦地板时一头撞上了床脚,额头上当即鼓出一个包。荣阿姨并没有太在意。没想到包越长越大,足有鸡蛋大,这才跑到附近的社区医院就诊,医生当场抽出了20多毫升的暗红淤血。消肿仅一个多月,荣阿姨发现老地方重新又鼓起了包。察觉不对劲的她赶紧找到武汉市第一医院神经外科。核磁共振检查让医生惊呆了:颅内有拳头大的一团黑影,颅骨好像被虫子啃噬了一样,边界已经模糊不清。只有开颅才能确定肿瘤的良恶,血肿才能清除得更干净。神经外科主任医师吴京雷主刀给荣阿姨做了手术。昨天病检结果证实,是弥漫大B细胞中枢神经系统淋巴瘤,已经侵犯了颅骨。“这是一种罕见的恶性神经系统淋巴瘤。”吴京雷介绍,这种病好发40-60岁的人群,病情在半年内迅速发展。早期会出现头痛、呕吐、嗜睡,有些人还会发生性格改变。手术后积极规范的放化疗,患者生存期可达到3-5年。他指出,荣阿姨的淋巴瘤与外伤并没有关系,只是恰巧她磕伤了头才会及时发现。吴京雷提醒,一旦头部的包块长时间不消肿,必须尽快到医院做头颅CT等检查,以免漏诊。相关的主题文章: