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The United States Xinjiang Eergu’Na – Sohu of Eergu’Na tourism, is located at the northern end of Hulun Buir City, is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Hulun Buir, Hulun Buir prairie hinterland, is the most lush grassland plants, the most abundant local ecological. The vast wilderness, vast grasslands, flocks of cattle and sheep, dense forests, clear rivers are the wealth of Eergu’Na. Eergu’Na, Mongolian means "dedication", boundless great beauty scenery is this land dedicated to the people of the picture. Station in Eergu’Na city is located northwest of Labudalin mountain, not only have a panoramic view of the city, there is a panoramic view of the "Asia’s first wetland wetland in Eergu’Na, from Greater Khingan Range to the river runs in the wet winding snake, brought to people brought the wetland, grassland, has brought wealth, has brought the city. Due to the severe drought and high temperatures in the summer, the waters in the wetlands have been reduced, but Eergu’Na is still showing her beauty and elegance. A walk through the road, from the south to the north, the south of Eergu’Na more undulating grassland and low mountain hills, back the rain gradually, the mountain is high, woodland increased gradually, gradually thick, give people different perceptions and impressions. The grassland provides vast space for the Mongols and cattle grazing provides dash about in a battlefield, hidden space and forests for their homes and create the Mongols to avoid disaster. It is said that the Mongolia tribe is Tiemuzhen hid in the woods on the grassland, to escape the feud after Tatar tribes, only later Genghis Gen Gi Khan. Eergu’Na is Tiemuzhen father also speed the main activities, but also Kublai Khan said after the letter to his brother, and he’s territory, he put on the grasslands of Mongolia the most affluent places to fight the household of brothers. Eergu’Na River, river, river, Kazakhstan ur Mo Spengler River and other rivers and streams converge here, everyone here from generation to generation, laboured. At the same time, the Mongols and the different ethnic harmony and friendship. Therefore, in this country far Xinjiang border, and Chinese and Russians, Hui people, this is a multi-ethnic homeland, they shared grasslands, forests, rivers, where the blue sky. Winter to spring, summer to autumn, Yunjuanyunshu, Eergu’Na is a beautiful place, is a picturesque place, is an attractive place. The great beauty of Eergu’Na, when every day when the dawn of the sun, will receive a distant beautiful wishes. I will come to see you!相关的主题文章: