The UK Independence Party leader Putin he is admiring female political hero christie stevens

The UK Independence Party leader Putin: he is enjoying the female political heroes original title: UK Independence Party leader Putin said the appreciation of women as "political hero" Putin data figure [global network reporter Juppe reported the Russian news agency quoted in September 18th] "the guardian" reported that recently elected the UK Independence Party leader Diane James confirmed? The appreciation of Russian President Putin’s remarks. The UK Independence Party was founded in 1993, is currently the third largest party in the United Kingdom, unequivocally support the British "from europe". In June this year, the British referendum "from Europe after independence party leader Nigel? Faraci said his political ambitions have been achieved, subsequently resigned from the Independence Party leadership. Diane James took his place. The guardian warned that James had said in 2015 that Mr Putin was a "political hero" and a powerful leader. She pointed out that Putin to defend the interests of their own countries to express appreciation. She also added that Putin had faced the EU to try to promote the change of government in Ukraine, the relevant issues to be resolved, he felt that this makes the territory of Ukraine, the Russian risk. BBC recently accepted an interview with the Corporation for Television Broadcasts, James confirmed that her attitude to the Russian president has not changed, she also pointed out that Churchill and Winston? Margaret? Enjoy the political figure Thatcher also own. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: