The two sides about one side of the money to fight the other side of the car to send 20 yuan a red

The two sides about a party the other taxi money 20 yuan red shout come on – press Sohu meet exceptionally jealous enemies, can live in Chongqing Zhang Pengshui and ran a, is the two "miracle in the enemy". The two sides because of trivia about the frame, Zhang took an appointment but no brothers fare, worry of a war ran a was sent to each of the WeChat red envelopes, so as to let the other time. In September 29th, the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporters from the Pengshui County Public Security Bureau was informed that the two parties involved in the fight were all appearing in court, and has been under criminal detention. Snack cited disputes according to the Pengshui police, the incident occurred in August 21st 4 in the morning. At that time, 4 friends 18 year old Zhang and weekdays better together to eat snacks in the county a large stalls. While vigorously they drink, Zhang found that the stall next door, and also ran a few people eat and drink. The second half of the night, not many people, these people drink voice is also very large, Zhang overheard overheard a nickname called fat young man. "I’m worried that I can’t find anyone!" Drunk Zhang heard the "fat man", gas is not one to play. Some time ago, fat because of petty things to offend him, these days Zhang has been trying to find fat man whereabouts. A look to send a door, he decided to go forward to find out what. In order to make themselves appear more imposing, Zhang also deliberately returned home, the home of Hong Yingqiang brought out, went straight to the front of a ran. "Haier yo!" See holding a red tasselled spear Zhang, et al. Jean subconsciously think the other is coming to pick the thing, also ran a 18 year old also Jiujin quarreled with zhang. It was just a misunderstanding, the result is a little on the fire". Red packets to the other side to fight 1VS1 altercation dispute to evolve into a 5VS5 team combat. Considering the stall a war could result in the loss of business, we can leave the phone, decided after half an hour in the Zhangjiaba showdown. However, the early arrival of about the location of the ran and 4 friends, until the appointment of 4:30 is still not seen Zhang et al. To this end, ran immediately to Zhang to call, asked: "Hey, to you, why haven’t you today to fight or not?" Of course, to fight, but I’m not enough money, WeChat red envelopes have no money, to wait a while." Zhang said he would never go back to the scene, ran a pick up. Listen to each other enough money, it ran a "puff" laughed. "To add up to WeChat, I give you a red envelope, you quickly take a taxi." After the end of this wonderful dialogue, the two sides became a friend of WeChat, ran immediately to Zhang turned 20 yuan red envelopes. Around 5 am, Zhang reached zhangjiaba. Then, this group of young people at the age of 18, with Hong Yingqiang knives and other weapons, launched a 5VS5 melee. After playing 10 minutes, the two sides will suffer. 10 because of affray jingfangxingju 6 in the morning, Pengshui City Public Security Bureau police investigation squadron received a report from the masses, that an hour ago a group of young hooligans in Pengshui.相关的主题文章: