The two drivers as the contract should win against Uber 下北glory days

Two British drivers as contract workers sued Uber has won Uber Diego in the labor problem all over the world money Shin Uber faced with a variety of visual China protest figure recently, a British employment tribunal ruling makes Uber angry. The Uber said the driver should be considered a regular employee of the company, rather than an independent contractor, which means that Uber drivers will be able to enjoy paid holidays and minimum wage protection. Why is flexible employment so controversial? JoshuaBienstock professor at the New York Polytechnic Institute cited data that in 2015 has been 15 million 500 thousand "self-employed" flexible employment, it is expected that by 2020, there will be 40% of the labor force will become self-employed and the current form, 64% of employers expect standard working hours can let employees work. He told the first Financial Daily reporters, said: everyone’s flexible work requirements have increased. In addition to job hopping, flexible employment to a huge pressure on the staff pointed out a bright road. 80%~90% employees are expected to be flexible in the future." This is why this award is that "a milepost meaning", it will not only affect thousands of Uber this kind of Internet Co, but also to the "odd economy" (gigeconomy) under the impact of flexible employment mode. Global protests in July this year, two drivers will Uber to an employment tribunal, said Uber’s behavior is not legitimate, they are treated as independent contractors, not the normal employment relationship of employee benefits to them. Finally, the British court sentenced two drivers to win. British judge ruled that Uber should pay the minimum wage to the driver (over 21 years old British minimum wage of $8.80 an hour, and the working time is from the majority of drivers in the calculation of the Uber registration at the moment). Two Uber driver’s lawyer said the court will also hold further hearings on the case, to calculate their due remuneration in the holidays, as well as Uber should pay the proportion of pension. In this regard, Uber said it would appeal. Uber insists on "odd jobs" economy, individuals can also work for many companies, not a fixed labor contract with them. "40 thousand Uber drivers in the UK enjoy the convenience of flexible working mechanisms and can choose a job with an average income well above the minimum wage." Bottram, general manager of Uber UK operations, · (JoBertram), said: Although the pre-trial hearing will only affect two people, but we will appeal the ruling." Most employees in the UK have a minimum wage guarantee, but freelancers do not enjoy such treatment. As one of the two plaintiffs in the case, the driver James · Fala (JamesFarrar) said that in August 2015, when his salary is less than 6.70 pounds ($8.80), which is the minimum wage standard. 66 year old history based on the theory of相关的主题文章: