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The State Administration for Industry and commerce business promotion shall be interviewed: first price and then discount the State Administration for Industry and Commerce today (7 days) called Jingdong mall, Baidu and Amazon,, China, Gome online, shop No. 1, Ctrip, the same way network,, Alibaba,, Tencent,, babe network 15 network business specification, held promotional activities will be centralized administrative guidance, strengthen the autonomy of network enterprises, standardize the network promotion request. The rain SAIC deputy secretary informed of the progress of 2016 network market supervision of the special action in the forum, pointed out that the network market are selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, platform access management is not strict, brush single fried letter impact network market credit system, network promotion is not enough standardization, false propaganda to deceive mislead consumers, set the unfair contract terms of format, violated consumers’ right to choose and to know other outstanding issues, to network operators to be addressed, to further standardize the network market order, optimize the consumption environment of the network. During the period of "double eleven" focus on promotional activities, sales of explosive growth, the price of fraud, false advertising, unfair competition, sales of fake and shoddy goods, delivery delays, return difficult problems will appear. Deputy director Gan stressed that the promotional activities organizers and operators according to the "centralized network of goods and services promotion management Interim Provisions" requirements of laws and regulations, focus on four aspects: one is to fulfill the obligations of the organizers of promotional activities to strictly implement the advance publicity, promotion information platform into control, promotion information and record the obligations shall not be restricted the exclusion of competition, the attack to belittle competitors, restrict or exclude other promotional platform operators to participate in promotional activities. The two is to strictly abide by the seven days no reason to return and other laws and regulations, shall not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of consumers by the terms of the contract format, not fictitious transactions, not false propaganda on the platform, turnover volume. The three is to keep the promotion information and promotional advertising Standard Specification, not false advertising, not false special offer showmanship, implementation of fraud without the price of goods. Four is to comply with the specification of promotional activities, not the price and then discount the first opportunity to shoddy, or impurities. Prohibits the use of counterfeit goods as gifts promotions, prohibited the use of fictitious transactions, false trading volume or the user evaluation of inflated goodwill for promotion. To provide consumers with superior quality, price, delivery fast, good service goods and services. (CCTV reporter Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: